The CASTLE in the ROCK one hour from Milan

The CASTLE in the ROCK one hour from Milan
The CASTLE in the ROCK one hour from Milan

credits: @elenacrosetti IG

The fortress is one of the most popular ancient monuments of the Ligurian hinterland.

The CASTLE in the ROCK one hour from Milan

# The castle between two puddings

credits: @elenacrosetti IG

Although the castle was built between two rock towers, due to the similarity to the shape of the pudding are called “pudding towers”, The Castello della Pietra sees its name inextricably linked to the Della Pietra family, owner of the site until 1515. The origin of the castle is so antica that was it impossible go back to its construction. It is only known that it has been there for about one thousand years and now, thanks to a careful restoration of the structures, it is the excursion point of the Antola Park, after the property was taken from the Adorno family with the Campoformio treaty of 1797, which sanctioned the end of the feudal era.

# The excursion in the Antola Park

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The stronghold is located in excellent state of conservation general, also because it is in a position impregnable. The fortress is located about 140 meters high and dominates the Val Vobbia, and is the destination of various excursions that show nature and sport together. You can choose between the more modern trail, a route of about an hour and a half with enough ascents challenging, but which this season also offer the opportunity to collect chestnuts. The trail was recently renovated: belvedere benches were placed, but above all it was embellished the final stretch, which takes visitors to the Castello della Pietra via a beautiful wooden walkway overview.

Another way to reach the pudding peaks and the fortress, on the other hand, is the Path of the Castellani, most ancient of the area. The Sentiero dei Castellani is also long (1 hour and 30 minutes) but presents less difficulty and, above all, it is more panoramic. It starts from Vobbia, Torre locality and includes a dozen stops, which tell the life of the manor in medieval times. In fact, there are several arrival pitches, which bear the name of ancient customs and crafts, including the “coal pitch”, La Forra, zone cave with wild flora, to finish with the Belvedere on the Castle passing through the Canyon of the Val Vobbia, truly scenery unmissable.

# The Castle and its mystery


The history of the castle is shrouded in mystery, lost track of its construction. It was probably the seat of the monks of theAbbey of San Colombano, who left Bobbio to face the life of hermits. Almost nothing is known of how it passed from the monks to the Della Pietra and, from these, to the Spinola and finally to the Adorno. In 1620 it becomes one of the most manors strategic of the Habsburgs, when Matthias of Habsburg conquered it to control the areas around Genoa. Ends plundered e set on fire in the nineteenth century and, finally, renovated in the nineties to bring its dungeons, cisterns, guard walkways and the central hall back to life.


# How to get there


From Milan you arrive in an abundant hour by car, from the A7 exit at Busalla where you take the SP.9 up to Crocefieschi. The Provinciale ends in the spectacular canyon in Vobbia. The signs lead to a small parking lot and from there the signs for the paths, the modern one and that of the Castellani, start.

What to add? That the Castello della Pietra is a majestic example of Ligurian castle architecture. It is open to the public from May to November, while excursions can be undertaken all year round. To know that the area, in addition to chestnuts, offers ample space for harvesting mushrooms, which however is regulated. Hence, it is forbidden to exaggerate in the collection of these organisms.

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