hunting for free companies and increasing the cost of renovating buildings –

hunting for free companies and increasing the cost of renovating buildings –
hunting for free companies and increasing the cost of renovating buildings –

Statistics are useless. Just walking to verify that on the Milanese sidewalks you have to do the slalom between tables, bicycles and scaffolding. The flourishing of construction sites is mainly due to the super bonus which allows those who carry out energy requalification works to receive 110% of the amount spent in five years. Formally the superbonus has been in existence since August 2020, when the circulars implementing the support decree were issued, but in reality the bulk of the operations started in recent months. For two reasons. The first is that the times for condominium resolutions are long and furthermore, until last spring, making assemblies was very complicated due to Covid; the second is the removal of a regulatory obstacle that held back the works: now it is no longer necessary to produce documentation on the urban regularity of the building and of the real estate units.

Cost estimates and types of intervention

Rather, the problem today is to find free businesses and sustainable quotes

: both the costs of construction materials and the prices requested by companies have increased, due to the law of supply and demand (and, let’s face it, because it is the state that pays). For those who have not yet started the process for the works, however, there is no need to be discouraged, because the superbonus will be extended until at least 2023. The super bonus requires that the works bring a minimum improvement to two energy classes through at least one of the two works that the law defines as “driving”: insulation of the building and replacement of the thermal power plant. Together, a series of “trailed” works can also be facilitated. These are works that were already part of the standard eco-bonus, for example the replacement of fixtures, and three other types of intervention: installation of photovoltaics, charging columns for electric cars, removal of architectural barriers. A fundamental aspect is that it is not necessary to wait the five years necessary for the taxman to return the amount spent, but it is possible to transfer the tax credit to the company (“discount on invoice”) or to a third party (typically a bank), thus eliminating the risk of inability, which occurs when the repayments accrued following a deduction are higher than the taxes due: the excess part is lost.

The municipal funds of the BE20 call

In Milan, to make buildings more efficient, there are also municipal funds from the BE20 call, which also encourage the construction of green roofs or walls and the de-paving of courtyards. The funds are not alternatives to the disbursement of tax benefits, but they cover up to 70% of the amount exceeding the concessions. An example of synergy between municipal funds and superbonus is the redevelopment of via Valvassori Peroni 76, where a combined set of works has led to the improvement of the condominium by four energy classes (from D to A2), with an annual saving of 88 tons of Co2 thanks to the drop from 142 to 50 kWh per square meter of energy requirements. The intervention, conducted by Teicos, a construction company specializing in energy redevelopment, involved the insulation of vertical and horizontal surfaces, the redevelopment of the balconies, the removal of asbestos and the replacement of windows. The result was not only a drastic reduction in consumption (in the table of the company source we see how much the works have individually affected) but also an increase in living comfort, because even poorly insulated housing now reaches 21 degrees in winter, while d ‘ summer the average temperature is around 25 degrees making the use of air conditioning rare. The average cost for the single condominium was approximately 2,600 euros, since most of the 2.2 million spent on redevelopment was covered by superbonus and municipal notice.

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