also a former Br and the Nazi-fascists of Do.Ra. Tg5 troupe attacked

also a former Br and the Nazi-fascists of Do.Ra. Tg5 troupe attacked
also a former Br and the Nazi-fascists of Do.Ra. Tg5 troupe attacked

For the first time in the square, today, Saturday 23 October, a dozen activists from the Varese Nazi-Fascist Do.Ra community, the community of the Twelve Rays. It is the 14th consecutive Saturday with the 14th parade not allowed by the police who want to block traffic. It left from Piazza Fontana at 5.30 pm. Then, after a short interruption, she headed for via Larga. THE demonstrators were about ten thousand.

Among the demonstrators, in addition to the Nazi-fascists of Do.Ra., also a former BR, the 75-year-old Paolo Maurizio Ferrari. The demonstrators tried to block the traffic in Viale Abruzzi, and then head (even today) to the headquarters of the CGIL: here there were small scuffles with the police. They then reached piazzale Loreto and attacked a Tg5 troupe, preventing the journalist present from filming the event.

According to sources from the Milan Police Headquarters, there were no particular problems of public order: “The public order system set up is continuously monitoring the initiative, which has had negative repercussions for traffic and for the activities of the city center”, says the Preccint.

The banners and choirs. Tension with the police

On the banner, which opens the demonstration with thousands of demonstrators, is written: «Workers against green pass and vaccination obligation. Now and always resistance ». Many wear gadgets such as the red pin and the “No green pass” t-shirt. Today, the signs against the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese are clearly visible: in a photomontage she can be seen in a bathrobe and the accompanying sentence: “How beautiful it is to shower from Trieste down”. The reference is to the use of hydrants to clear the harbor garrison No green pass.

To monitor a “large contingent” of agents in riot gear and soldiers ready to intervene. In Milan, the alert is growing, when last Saturday it was the anarchist component, present with about eighty militants, who created the greatest problems and forced the police to two positions to prevent the assault of sensitive points, such as the CGIL.

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Nazifascists DoRa Tg5 troupe attacked

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