Quirinale and electoral law: because the new olive tree is already in danger of being pruned

Quirinale and electoral law: because the new olive tree is already in danger of being pruned
Quirinale and electoral law: because the new olive tree is already in danger of being pruned

A jumble of parties, a common heap of acronyms with a very specific goal: to try to prevent the victory of the center-right. So the left dreams of the new olive tree, an idea launched by Enrico Letta which hopes to embrace all the progressive forces (including the 5 Star Movement) to try to stem the advance of the adversaries. But for the secretary of the Democratic party there are no easy games: will he really be able to put Giuseppe Conte, Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda together?

In theory, this plan appears to be a real utopia, also because along the path of the red forest there are a series of difficult roads of no small importance. In particular, two factors will crystallize the political framework for national elections: the election of the next President of the Republic and the electoral law.

The match for the Quirinale

The skein of alliances will have to deal with the first test: the game for Quirinale. A very hot front that will first of all serve to test the Giallorossi axis: Pd and M5S will be able to point towards the same figure or each will go their own way. What they have in common, however, is the desire not to go to early elections, hoping until the last moment to be able to count on the re-election of Sergio Mattarella. But more than once he has hinted that he is not interested in the second assignment.

The hopes will then have to confront the reality of the facts. Among the various hypotheses is that of landing Mario Draghi al Colle, but such a scenario would push towards an early return to the polls. Also because in this sense Pier Luigi Bersani – who dreams of a “Left Thing” – has already expressed strong doubts, inviting the red comrades to reflect carefully on the next steps to be taken: “Watch out, be careful not to cause disasters“.

The electoral law

The new olive tree shows its dangerous thorns also as regards the electoral law. Especially on this match, the different sensitivities between the parties will emerge. The issue will probably be addressed after the election of the President of the Republic, but there are those who already want to put their foot on the accelerator. It is the case of Matteo Ricci: the mayor of Pesaro and national coordinator of the mayors of the Democratic Party argues that, if the electoral system remains the current one, it is necessary “to create a broad coalition that holds together the entire center-left pro-European front which today supports the Draghi government“.

In his opinion, the ideal would be to create an electoral law proportional with a 5% barrier threshold. Because? It could allow parties to work more on their own identity, postponing the alliance theme to the post-elections. “But at the moment there is no escape, we need to build a broad coalition“, is his belief.

The alliance with the M5S

To all this is added the factor 5 Star Movement. In the Democratic Party there are those who hold back the idea of ​​the new Olive tree and, worried about a possible imbalance to the left, they do not say they are attracted by the idea of ​​putting the grillini at home. “That coalition is all to be built in facts, beyond the intentions“, explained Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo.

On the other hand, there are vetoes and contravetoes. Giuseppe Conte spares no digs at Carlo Calenda, who asked Letta to cut ties with the M5S: “Doesn’t he want us as his ally? We relieve him of these dilemmas: we tell him ‘don’t force yourself, haven’t you noticed that none of us have ever declared their willingness to have you as an ally?’“. The pentastellato leader does not spare either Matteo Renzi, with whom he has a personal account open for the government crisis triggered that led Mario Draghi to Palazzo Chigi: “We have nothing to do with people who, blinded by egolatry and political hatred, have gone on TV to speak ill of our country“.

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