Drug dealing, an arrest in Carloforte

Drug dealing, an arrest in Carloforte
Drug dealing, an arrest in Carloforte

A 47-year-old fisherman from Carloforte was arrested overnight by the Carloforte carabinieri for the production, trafficking and possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing. A 44-year-old colleague of his was instead reported to the Prefecture of Cagliari as a contractor.

The military, during a service aimed at the repression of drug offenses, searched the 44-year-old’s home where they found 2 grams of marijuana, considered for personal use. While the subsequent investigations in the home and in the car of the first made it possible to recover in a Citroen van, 9 grams of cocaine and a precision slingbar, 34 eggs of substance probably of the hashish type for a total weight of 337 grams, two bottles of 50 mg methadone hydrochloride and the cash sum of 720 euros, believed to be the result of drug dealing activities.

The validation hearing is scheduled for today in court in Cagliari.


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Drug dealing arrest Carloforte

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