more vaccines and fewer deaths in Italy and Spain, Russia and Eastern countries in the abyss

more vaccines and fewer deaths in Italy and Spain, Russia and Eastern countries in the abyss
more vaccines and fewer deaths in Italy and Spain, Russia and Eastern countries in the abyss

L’Austria threatens lockdown, albeit selectively. Lithuania, on the other hand, has already applied it flat, including a strict curfew. Britain is pulling straight ahead despite increasingly alarming numbers: resistance even to reintroducing (but probably will come) the minimum measures of common sense such as masks. Russia is crying more dead now than at the start of the Covid crisis.

This is the scenario in which the most banal evidence resists, albeit with exceptions: fewer deaths are recorded in the nations that are further ahead in the vaccination campaign (at least two doses) in which Italy and Spain stand out. They are the ones who lead, with 70.6% and 79% (Source Oxford University), the front of the large European countries with the largest shares of vaccinated people, without forgetting the opposite situation with respect to the limitations such as the Green Pass that in Spain it was not adopted with the possibility for regions to apply local restrictions. The trend is also valid if they include medium and small nations, see Portugal, the most virtuous of all: 86% of vaccinated people make up about 10 million inhabitants.

It is these three countries that have the lowest death rate in Europe. In Italy, it is true, the number of infected people does not decrease, indeed it is increasing, but experts even evaluate it positively, at least up to a certain level. It is that the obligation of the Green Pass forces those who do not want to vaccinate to do repeat swabs and this leads to the discovery of a greater number of infected people who then have to stay at home in quarantine limiting the spread of the virus. A side effect and beneficial that was not entirely foreseen and which is carefully observed by France where yesterday there were approximately the same deaths (35) as Italy (39) in the face of a vaccination campaign that reached 66 , 7%. The other countries where the Green Pass has been adopted are, in various forms, Serbia and Bulgaria.

The number of deaths takes off instead in Great Britain (fifty thousand daily infections, more than 12 times those in Italy, and 180 deaths) and Greece, where 66.7% and 61% of the population are vaccinated respectively: 36 compared to 10 million inhabitants.

Austria, which also records 61.5% of vaccinated people, is so worried about flooding intensive care that it has launched a 5-step plan that can lead to the reintroduction of the lockdown for the unvaccinated. Already done, but for all the inhabitants, in Lithuania, among the countries further ahead in the vaccination campaign among that East with 61.1%: here the lockdown will last at least a month.

From these altitudes downwards, the chasm of delays in vaccination campaigns opens up, starting with Russia where only 32% of the population are vaccinated. And then Romania (30.2%), forced to export to Hungary, Bulgaria (20.7%), Poland (52%), Ukraine 15.9%), Hungary (59.3%).

Thus it happens that Russia blocks numerous production and commercial activities for at least ten days to avoid gatherings.

Inevitable after 1,075 deaths have been recorded in the country in the last 24 hours, the maximum in a day since the beginning of the epidemic: the Tass reports, citing data from the anticoronavirus operations center. In the country, there is also a new peak of new confirmed cases of Covid: 37,678 over the last day.

The effects on the economy

In the meantime, Italy collects the compliments of the Financial Times, which links economic progress to the robust vaccination program and the introduction of the Green pass. And the German Handelsblatt observes that with the leadership of Prime Minister Mario Draghi Italy “is breaking away from the other major European countries in terms of economic growth”. Here too, alongside the reforms implemented, the strict application of the Green pass is mentioned. The distinction between the countries that are falling back into the pandemic, with an inevitable slowdown in the economic recovery, and those that are containing it are in fact the vaccines and related controls, starting from the green certificate up to distancing and masks. And Italy where, unlike Great Britain, masks are still mandatory indoors and, unlike the rest of Europe, you can’t even enter the workplace without the Green pass, has disappeared from the ranking of the 15 countries. with multiple cases of Covid. He slipped to twentieth place and preceded not only by Great Britain, Russia, Turkey and the USA which lead the ranking, but also by Germany and France.

The case most similar to Italy is Greece (in 27th place in the ranking) where there is no mandatory Green pass in the workplace but, whether it is public or private, unvaccinated workers are obliged to double weekly buffer, to be done at your own expense. An undoubted incentive for vaccination, such as the Italian Green pass.

Paolo Ricci Bitti


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