Ruby Ter, the reasons for Mariani’s conviction: “He lied so as not to jeopardize the relationship with Berlusconi. In 5 years he received 470 thousand euros”

Ruby Ter, the reasons for Mariani’s conviction: “He lied so as not to jeopardize the relationship with Berlusconi. In 5 years he received 470 thousand euros”
Ruby Ter, the reasons for Mariani’s conviction: “He lied so as not to jeopardize the relationship with Berlusconi. In 5 years he received 470 thousand euros”

The pianist Danilo Mariani lied about the “Elegant dinners” held in the villa of Silvio Berlusconi ad Arcore “With the obvious purpose of not jeopardizing his fiduciary relationship with the former prime minister, whose conservation was evidently worth much more than threat constituted by the criminal sanction “. With this motivation, the Court of Siena explains the sentence a 2 years of imprisonment (suspended sentence) inflicted last May on the musician, which was Thursday acquitted together with the leader of Come on Italy from the charge of corruption in judicial acts. According to the court that tried Mariani for perjury in the Ruby trial, therefore, he lied but the college that tried them for corruption, which according to the indictment was the basis of that phony reconstruction, did not do it for money. That in the relationship between the two there are, and they are many (almost half a million euros in five years) according to what we read in the motivations, but evidently linked to professional activities and their friendship.

The judges believe that the story of his evenings in the villa of Arcore is in “Stark contrast” with “the circumstances that emerged in the context of the Milanese proceedings, defined with rulings endowed with the force of the res judicata”, which “ascertained the traceability to the notion of prostitution entertainment services offered by female guests “a villa San Martino. Mariani, the judges write, has instead ruled out the “sexual nature of those amusements” with a definite decision “Almost paradoxical”. These elements, the court reasoned, “lead us to believe that the accused consciously wanted deny circumstances well known to him, with the clear aim of not jeopardizing his fiduciary relationship with the former Prime Minister, whose preservation was evidently worth much more than the threat posed by the criminal sanction “.

The investigations carried out made it possible to ascertain “the actual extent of the professional relationship existing between Mariani and Berlusconi ”and the“ economic consistency of the relative remuneration, by virtue of the same received by the accused over the years ”. Contrary to what Mariani stated, when he was heard as a witness, it “emerged that he enjoyed a excellent fixed salary, as well as that it has benefited from substantial reimbursements of expenses and other substantial donations, not otherwise justified “. The bank investigations on Berlusconi’s accounts revealed the existence of periodic transfers from 3 thousand euros made in favor of Mariani. The investigators also verified that Mariani received two transfers from 7 thousand euros each, just in proximity of the dates of the hearings in which he testified (one the 12 December 2012 and one there11 January 2013).

It also turned out that Mariani had benefited from a non-interest bearing loan from 25 thousand euros issued on 23 December 2013. The investigation carried out, as stated in the reasons for the sentence of the Sienese Court, “provided a framework of glaring clarity, in relation to the massive amount of work and economic relationships that bind Mariani to Berlusconi ”. The importance of these relationships is “evidently given not only, per se, by the amount of financial resources, received over the years by the accused, but also by the longevity of the relationship itself, from its projection into the future, from its absolutely fiduciary and extremely solid character, so much so as to withstand even the delicate phase of processes and investigations “. The professional component, the judges still write, “is clearly combined with a personal one, by virtue of which Mariani received help from Berlusconi Silvio in some crucial moments of his life”.

From the accounting documents presented by the defense of the former premier, who produced the current account statement, “all the disbursements of money, periodic and not, which already starting from the year 2006, were carried out by Berlusconi, in favor of Mariani ”. A consultant said he had reconstructed all the banking movements of Berlusconi’s accounts from 2006 onwards. With regard to the economic relations between Berlusconi and Mariani, “the consultant said he had considered the two current accounts, of which the defense produced the extracts, examining their movements from 2006 to 2011: in this period, Mariani benefited from disbursements of money for the total amount of 474.765,43 euro”. Mariani also benefited from two non-interest bearing loans: one arranged on 19 June 2008 for the amount of 150 thousand euros and one ordered on February 25, 2010 for the amount of 100mila euro. Mariani also benefited from expense reimbursements and in his favor Berlusconi “also arranged for the other most important transfers, one of 100 thousand and one of 150 thousand euros, in years 2010-2011 to help him buy a house “. As for the transfer from 25 thousand euros, the accountant Giuseppe Spinelli stated that it was a economic help for the company of wife by Mariani next to failure.

“It is quite clear that relations of this kind with a person like Berlusconi – reads the motivation of the sentence – constitute a motive more than consistent, almost discounted, to declare the false on circumstances, such as those relating to sexual relations consumed by the same, with very young women, therefore same paid, on the occasion of the receptions in the villa of Arcore which, in addition to being relevant in terms of criminal responsibility, would in any case have caused, at least, embarrassment to one of the most powerful men in Italy “. The authorizing judge Chiara Minerva of the college chaired by Ottavio Mosti recalls – on the basis of the proceedings before the Milan Court on the Ruby case – that the Sienese pianist has always denied “absolutely” that he has ever witnessed any situation sexually connoted and having seen naked people. Mariani denied physical contacts between the girls and Berlusconi, “different from a handshake, as the former prime minister always sat and talked”.

Finally, in the reasons for the sentence, it is recalled that “Mariani’s lawyers argued that their client lied when he was heard as a witness regarding his professional relationship with Berlusconi Silvio and the consequent disbursements of money received for fear of possible tax audit, which he could consequently have suffered and which, in fact, was then carried out “. On the other hand, the circumstances that, in the evenings of Arcore, in which Mariani participated, “there had been individual approaches and behaviors of certain sexual value” are “ascertained in the proceedings defined by the judgments of the Court of Milan” and this “was not put into consideration in any way doubt, in the present proceedings, not even by defence of the same accused “.

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