Accident at work in Cumiana, worker falls from a height of 10 meters: he is in very serious condition

A 43-year-old man finds himself hospitalized at the Turin CTO in very serious conditions after an accident at work that took place on Thursday 21 October at about 12.30 in a company in Cumiana, Gemini srl. The worker of an external company, Stillab srl, was carrying out some operations to detect the emission of fumes from the company’s heating system when he fell to the ground making a flight of about 10 meters.

According to the investigations of the carabinieri of the Pinerolo company who intervened on the spot, the accident would have occurred due to the failure of a plexiglass plate. The 43-year-old was immediately transported to the Turin hospital where he has been in a reserved prognosis for two days: he reported a head and thoracic trauma and a broken femur. Investigations by the Spresal of Asl To3.


Accident work Cumiana worker falls height meters condition

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