WEATHER EXTREMIZATION on Italy: between TOO MUCH RAIN and total drought

The weather projections speak for themselves, with the arrival of one very dangerous weather phase in Southern Italy due to bad weather that could hit and persist in the same areas. We are the usual ones one would say, with the rain that risks falling all together in particularly confined spaces, causing serious problems.

Too much rain or drought, there are no half measures

Autumn 2021 is not at all rainy at the Italian level, but on the contrary it is having really significant anomalies in many regions of the country. The absence of Atlantic disturbances is felt above all in the North, where the normal seasonal rains and snowfalls at high altitudes are missing.

In some areas of Calabria and Sicily, the rain that normally should fall distributed in a season could come down in a few days, if not even in a few hours. In fact, rain peaks of 300 to 500 mm cannot be excluded, given the extent and expected persistence of bad weather.

Either too much rain, or nothing

Among other things, all this excessive rainfall should hit areas already affected by precipitation over the last few weeks, in the face of a prolonged drought that rages over half of Italy and in particular, as already mentioned, in the North.

Several areas of Italy suffer from a shortage of rain and in some cases a heavy drought destined to continue for the rest of October, with a hope of a turning point in November. On the contrary, on part of the South there will be an opposite situation with the risk that too much water will cause disastrous flash floods.

This scenario, if confirmed, is nothing more than a clear example of extreme weather phenomena, to which we are now accustomed especially in autumn. Such an enormous amount of water is never beneficial, since it would not even be absorbed by the ground as it happens with more regular rains.

The link between weather extremization and climate change is not yet fully understood, since these extreme phenomena are local and not global. However, one fact seems irrefutable and it is the increase of such extreme phenomena in an era of galloping global warming.

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