Open Arms, Salvini on trial. Richard Gere among the witnesses (with Conte) –

Open Arms, Salvini on trial. Richard Gere among the witnesses (with Conte) –
Open Arms, Salvini on trial. Richard Gere among the witnesses (with Conte) –
from Cesare Zapperi

In Palermo, the trial for kidnapping against the former Minister of the Interior for the case of “kidnapped” migrants in the summer of 2019. His interrogation requested

Matteo Salvini in Palermo for the first hearing in the Open Arms trial, accused of kidnapping and refusal of official documents for the case of the ship which in August 2019 remained at sea for almost three weeks waiting for a port of landing. The Court decided on the witnesses to be admitted to the hearing and accepted all the requests. The list of witnesses cited by both the prosecution and the defense is very long. Starting with many members of the Conte II government, in office at the time of the events. Among these, of course, the then Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and then Luigi Di Maio, Danilo Toninelli, Elisabetta Trenta. But the most curious name is that of a character who has nothing to do with politics, the American actor Richard Gere, who was called into question because he boarded the Open Arms on a humanitarian mission. The trial was postponed to December 17 for the examination of the first three witnesses of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi had previously opposed, fearing a risk of Spectacularization of the hearing: «Regarding the inclusion in the texts of the actor and international star Richard Gere, requested by a civil party – he explained – I remember that a witness must be admitted and heard in order to provide a useful contribution. Beyond the spectacularization given by the presence of an international star, who is not interested in this Prosecutor’s Office, there are many other and much more qualified texts that can report on the overall conditions of the boat, on the state of the shipwrecked and on board personnel. So beyond the solidarity aspects that we appreciate, it does not seem to us that Richard Gere’s testimony can make a decisive contribution to the definition of this procedure ». The judge decided otherwise, believing that the famous actor could make a contribution in the reconstruction of the facts relating to the delay in the disembarkation of 147 migrants on board the ship of the Spanish NGO Open Arms.

The decision was not taken well by Salvini: «Tell me how serious a man is trial where Richard Gere will come from Hollywood to testify about my nastiness. I hope it lasts as short as possible because there are more important things to take care of. I’m sorry for only two things: for the time I take away from my children and for the money that Italians spend on this political process organized by the left in a year in which landings double despite the covid. Defending borders, security, the honor of a country is a duty, going to trial because I did my duty is surreal “.

Among the civil parties, a total of 21, appear the municipalities of Barcelona and Palermo, Emergency, the NGO Open Arms itself and several migrants who, according to the accusation, were kidnapped on board the boat by the then Minister of the Interior. The prosecutor has asked for his questioning. From inside the courtroom of the Salvini Court before the hearing began Salvini had sent a message via social media: «Here the Court of Justice of the Palermo prison. The process wanted by the left and by the fans of illegal immigration begins: how much will it cost Italian citizens? ” .

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