No Green Pass parade in Milan, another Saturday at risk of blocking

Torches lit, short path, a collective “Om” to generate vibrations to be sent to the port of Trieste. The mystical parenthesis of the long novel by No Green Pass, experienced last night between piazza della Scala and piazza Duomo, is by no means an indication of a lowering of the level of tension for today’s parade, the fourteenth consecutive Saturday of protests, signs, blocks and chased with police and carabinieri. If last week a hint of warning – wrecked not for the agreed route but for the pretense of suspending the Daspo from the demonstrators already affected – had been presented in via Fatebenefratelli, no one was seen at the police station throughout the week and no idea prevails over the others to decipher the trajectory of today’s protest. The concerns brought yesterday to the Committee for order and security by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi and the provincial commander of the carabinieri, General Iacopo Mannucci Benincasa, are similar to those of last Saturday. The numbers should be similar, and we are talking about over ten thousand self-convened, at least half from outside Milan.

Corteo No Pass, the suspended assistant police officer Nunzia Schilirò expected Saturday in Milan. Lamorgese: “Anarchists wanted to go towards urban warfare”

by Massimo Pisa

October 19, 2021

The preventive action of the Digos against the fiercest wing, the eighty anarchists also evoked by the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese in Parliament, continued with the search of three militants of the Telos of Saronno, already under investigation for public interruption service, private violence, unauthorized demonstration and incitement to disobey the laws. The trio – a 25-year-old, a 32-year-old and a 21-year-old identified among those who wanted to aim for the Chamber of Labor – cell phones and computers were confiscated. The analysts coordinated by the deputy anti-terrorism prosecutor Alberto Nobili are convinced that even today dozens of collective militants, present at every march without flags or banners, will try to take the lead of the demonstration in strategic points and break through the protective cordon towards sensitive targets , from the court to the union headquarters and Assolombarda passing through the editorial offices of the media.

For their part, the promoters of the No Green Pass Committee appeal to punctuality (6 pm in Piazza Fontana, not before, to avoid forming more clips) and to surveillance against any infiltrators, convinced that they have already identified two, in the pay of the Digos , in the two activists who last Saturday had led, megaphone in hand, the demonstration in its first phase. The most orderly, not surprisingly.

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