Trieste, the prosecutor investigates the No pass. Puzzer meets the minister together with the doctor no vax Giacomini-

Trieste, the prosecutor investigates the No pass. Puzzer meets the minister together with the doctor no vax Giacomini-
Trieste, the prosecutor investigates the No pass. Puzzer meets the minister together with the doctor no vax Giacomini-
from Andrea Pasqualetto, sent to Trieste

The open file on a police report. Some protesters attack Giacomini, the doctor who represents the square at the appointment with Patuanelli. The Police Headquarters issues 12 mandatory street papers

The procession that jumps, the square that fades, the feared riots averted. And while in one Armored Trieste protest leaders remain behind the scenes ahead of this morning’s meeting with the Trieste Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, the prosecutor of the Julian capital opens an investigation on the No pass. “I’m not saying anything, only that it is a practically blank file. These days I prefer that the judicial police try to work more for the safety of the city than for us », the chief prosecutor Antonio De Nicolo cuts short with caution. The investigation, entrusted to the prosecutor Pietro Montrone, was launched on the basis of the complaint made by the Trieste police against five protesters that on 18 October they had started a few hours of urban warfare trying to prevent access to the port.

The investigation

Various crimes are hypothesized in the report: interruption of public service, invitation to disobey the laws of the State, violation of Article 18 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security on the obligations for promoters of meetings in public places and resistance to a public official. The facts have been crystallized from the images of various cameras, so there is no need to proceed quickly.
So, in the courthouse. In Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, the good city living room busy for four days in a peaceful way by the demonstrators, some rag flew among the representatives of this people opposed to the green certificate.

The doctor

In the viewfinder it is finished the doctor no vax, suspended, Dario Giacomini, from Vicenza, radiologist director at the Montecchio Maggiore hospital. With the port Stefano Puzzer
he is considered the spokesperson of the «Coordinamento 15 Ottobre», born to give a single voice to the square. And with Puzzer today he will meet Patuanelli. “He is a former CasaPound candidate, we do not understand why the Coordination chose him among its exponents. For us it is unclear his presence and why he was dropped, given that he lives in Veneto ”, those of the“ Coordinamento no green pass Trieste ”aimed at him, around which the demonstrations against the green certificate were born.

The reply: now I am another

“What everyone votes shouldn’t be about, I’d rather look at moral integrity, intellectual honesty, a clean criminal record and being a good citizen. And I’m mirrored. In any case, that’s one old candidacy, should be from 2013. People evolve, change, mature and reflect and therefore Dario Giacomini is the one who is talking to them now ».

The meeting with Patuanelli

What do you expect from the meeting with Patuanelli? «Long, difficult match, which has just begun and will not find a solution tomorrow. The Minister of Agriculture is not that of Health, said with all respect, but it is still an important sign of openness by the government. It will certainly be an interlocutory phase. The final aim of the battle remains that: to return to a national community that is once again cohesive, without differences linked to a piece of paper that has become the new identity card ».

Police Headquarters: 12 street papers

In the meantime, an initial assessment of the investigative activity of these days that saw Trieste, the no-pass capital of the world, arrives from the Police Headquarters: 1,500 identified demonstrators, 12 mandatory street sheets issued, of which 8 against belonging to CasaPound from various Italian cities, 2 against anarchists from Trentino and 2 against right-wing extremists who arrived by train, one of whom was reported for what he had with him (gas mask, knife, screwdriver, spray can and helmet). According to Digos, about 300 extremists could have infiltrated the demonstrations that were canceled thanks to the intervention of Puzzer and the «Coordinamento 15 Ottobre». On Thursday evening, in the heart of the Cesarini area, the man who symbolized the demonstrations had in fact asked for their cancellation, inviting everyone to stay at home: «Because here is a big and big trap».

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