Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni, here’s how to win back the disappointed moderates – Libero Quotidiano

Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni, here’s how to win back the disappointed moderates – Libero Quotidiano
Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni, here’s how to win back the disappointed moderates – Libero Quotidiano

Giuseppe Valditara

23 October 2021

The summit of Villa Grande, between Berlusconi, Meloni and Salvini, is an important step forward to restore the polish to a center-right that has been bruised by the last administrative elections. It seems very appropriate to find a synthesis between that part of the alliance that is in the government and the opposition Fdi for a common proposal. In some respects, an agreed party game can even strengthen the effectiveness of political action. While this renewed pact is undoubtedly also useful as a signal in the face of an electorate that appeared disoriented, it does not solve the problem of an overall political offer that appeared weak in the eyes of many citizens who also voted center-right in the past. Abstention, which was the most characteristic aspect of this electoral round, marked the detachment of a part of the electorate that not only did not share candidacies that were too weak, but also an overall proposal. TACTICS Beyond the contingent tactics, it is therefore necessary to have in mind a long-term strategy to win again: the goal is the next political elections. There is an interesting example in the past of the center-right that takes us back to about 20 years ago: the Olive tree appeared firmly at the helm of the country, the center-right had not yet experienced a widespread system of alliances and awareness of common values, coming to present itself divided at the elections of 1996.

The agreement between Tatarella and Maroni, which had blown D’Alema’s bicameral, was the start of a new season that culminated in 2000 in the drafting of a programmatic platform intended to cement the coalition and identify the ideal and planning reasons for the stay together. An important role was played by the Officina, a physical place, the Milanese residence of Silvio Berlusconi, who for months brought together politicians and intellectuals in the construction first of all of a new identity and then of a series of strong proposals. What does the “center-right” want to be today? What interests does it intend to represent? What common values ​​do you think you identify with? Clarifying these questions is a necessary premise to relaunch the coalition.

Even today we need a political and cultural table that stimulates concrete proposals, ideas, and programs, that clearly represents values, that launches a bridge to society, that is open and plural, bringing together not only politicians, but above all intellectuals, professionals , entrepreneurs. That he is able to dialogue and represent the various sensitivities, the different interests, the different areas of thought in which the moral majority of Italians are recognized, those who do not intend to resign themselves to the hegemony of the left, but also those who are disappointed and increasingly distant from participation democratic. We also need a physical place that does not exhaust the debate in some sterile meeting, but that makes significant and representative personalities work together, capable of speaking even to those citizens who ask politics for something deeper, comparing experiences, raising questions and seeking answers. thick. New ideas and new battles are needed, capable of returning to excite citizens, of arousing a new dream, that of the rebirth of a nation.

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