Egyptian arrested at Prima Porta

Egyptian arrested at Prima Porta
Egyptian arrested at Prima Porta

Harassment on a bus. Accused of “heavily” molesting two underage girls, aged 12 and 13, on a bus to Roma, a 28-year-old Egyptian citizen was subjected to the precautionary measure of house arrest by the carabinieri of the Roma Prima Porta station.

After the complaints of the parents of the victims it was found that the man, taking advantage of the crowd of people on the vehicle that transported the young girls to school, harassed them and then went down immediately afterwards, making them lose their tracks. Thanks to the description provided by the victims and by the people on the bus, the military managed to identify the 38-year-old who, once located and completed the formalities, was subjected to the measure of house arrest.


“Mom, my uncle went back to doing the things he used to do to me as a child.” Released from prison, he harasses his 14-year-old niece again


Egyptian arrested Prima Porta

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