They rob riders in the center, even a 14-year-old in trouble

They rob riders in the center, even a 14-year-old in trouble
They rob riders in the center, even a 14-year-old in trouble

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A “battery” of four very young people. We went into action in the center and in broad daylight last September. Target? The wallet of a rider of Afghan origin engaged in daily food deliveries for a well-known company in the sector. For two of them, now, house arrest has been triggered, after the Carabinieri of the Piazza Tebaldo Brusato station traced them back to them through testimonies and the vision of video surveillance footage.

The most surprising is the very young age of one of the members of the group, who ended up under house arrest in the community to which he was entrusted by the Juvenile Court: in addition to a 21 year old girl of Brescia, in fact, to act according to the reconstruction of the military was a boy of just 14 years of Valsabbia.

The two, together with the still unidentified accomplices, approached the rider with an excuse, then after shoving him they blocked him: while some of the very young robbers held him from the shoulders, the others proceeded to get their hands on 900 euros that he kept in his wallet inside a pouch.

Then the escape, thwarted by the victim, managed at first to chase and block one of his attackers: the 21-year-old had taken steps to make him desist from the grip, trimming a bite in the arm of the unfortunate rider, forced to leave the robber for the pain suffered.

At the end of the investigations, the investigating judge at the request of the ordinary prosecutor and that of minors, issued order of custody for the two alleged attackers. In the auspices, after the arrests, the other two accomplices who have so far not been found could soon have a name.

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