In the end, the No Green passes from Trieste go to 3,000 Udine. Parades also in Bolzano and Turin: “We did not vote” – The videos

They have been about 3.500 the people present in Piazza Libertà in Udine to protest against the obligation of the Green pass. A procession that has been growing and that today, 22 October, took the place of the great demonstration scheduled in Trieste and then canceled due to possible infiltration of violent people. The protest in Udine began around 18 in the afternoon: the procession started from piazzale Chiavris and arrived in piazza della Libertà. «People like us never give up», «Vaccinated and unvaccinated together for freedom», some of the slogans shouted among choirs, banners and whistles. As confirmed by the police, the protest continues to take place in an orderly and peaceful manner.

In Turin: “In memory of Camilla Canepa”

From Turin come the images of another square in protest. “We did not vote” is one of the slogans launched by the crowd gathered in Piazza Castello against the obligation of the Green pass and led by the committee “The Turin variant”. The reference to the vote starts from a question made to the demonstrators by a speaker at the microphone: “Raise your hand if you voted in the last administrative”, he shouted. In response only a dozen hands in the air on a few hundred present. The demonstration then continued with a minute of silence for Camilla Canepa, «the eighteen year old student killed by the vaccine».

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