Calabria is a happy island for Forza Italia while in Rome the center-right is at risk of implosion

Calabria is a happy island for Forza Italia while in Rome the center-right is at risk of implosion
Calabria is a happy island for Forza Italia while in Rome the center-right is at risk of implosion

Compactness sought in the center right. The coalition that until the elections seemed like a steamroller, begins to present after the outcome of the vote the first cracks. And it is not only Forza Italia that is affected by this, which has found a sort of happy island in Calabria compared to the administrative elections that have just passed. But also for Lega and Fratelli d’Italia relations, marked by eternal competition, risk deteriorating after the audio of Matteo Salvini finished on Il Foglio in which the leader of the league complains about the attacks suffered by Giorgia Meloni, asking that these be addressed to the other government allies, referring to the ‘center left area.

“It is obvious that we have a center-right in the government and one in the opposition. But – Salvini told his followers – there is a way and a way to stay in opposition. An understandable share of pain in the ass from the opposition can be agreed, however, that it undermines the Pd and 5-star field and is not done knowingly, as has happened in recent months, to put the League and the center-right in difficulty ».
For the moment, the leaders of the Lega and FdI try to minimize – a lot Salvini as much as Meloni claim that they will not fight over “stolen” audio -, but the embarrassment is more and more evident.

The ills of Forza Italia

But say embarrassment we can also speak from the parts of Forza Italia which appears increasingly divided into two sections, the sovereign wing, and the government wing with the minister Maria Stella Gelmini who, engaged the day before yesterday in the assembly of deputies for the designation of the new group leader who will take the place of Roberto Occhiuto, threw a stone into the blue pond.

According to Gelmini (supported by colleagues Mara Carfagna and Renato Brunetta) the malfunctioning of the party organs, due to the pandemic, meant that Forza Italia crushed the sovereign positions of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, also speaking of ministers excluded from the tables in which decisions are made and almost supported by the party. A full-blown j’accuse that bares the blue stomach ache against the backdrop of the election of the new President of the Republic and forthcoming policies which will mark a turning point for all the parties of the constitutional arc, now engaged in the battle over the electoral law to be applied with a part of the Azzurri to push for the proportional to free themselves from the sovereign axis. in conclusion the fear of the government wing is that Forza Italia will disappear from the Italian political scene, and the outcome of the last elections with the general consensus crisis of Forza Italia testifies to this.

Calabria blue

They came to support Occhiuto in Calabria all ministers of the government wing by Forza Italia. From Maria Stella Gelmini to Mara Carfagna, passing through Renato Brunetta. The relations between the latter and the territorial leaders, with Occhiuto in mind, are excellent and we continue to work in a relaxed atmosphere. But it is not consequential to think – support environments close to Forza Italia – that the crisis of internal relations has a reverberation on the making up executive Occhiuto.

On the other hand, the newly elected president made it clear that in Calabria the leader of the center-right, not Forza Italia, is him and no one can dictate the line. The reference, not so hidden, was to the parties of 20%. And yet the Azzurri have left Matteo Salvini with the task of solving the crux of the vice-presidency of the junta that would belong to the Lega, and in particular to Nino Spirlì, whose prices have plummeted ruinously. And the attitude of the leader of the Carroccio seems to go precisely in this direction, if you consider that he did not spend any words on the acting function immediately after the eventful meeting with the Calabrian leaders.

It is certain that Forza Italia lives in Calabria a Magic moment and also in the composition of the council, Occhiuto gave precise clues, waiting for one proclamation of the elect that is slow in coming and that suggests more than a twist that could change the cards on the table.

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