The incredible rents of the municipality of Rome-

The incredible rents of the municipality of Rome-
The incredible rents of the municipality of Rome-

The Municipality of Rome has a treasure of a billion euros that derives from the fees of lease which he should collect for his real estate ownership granted in rent. To be precise, the amount of credits he claims against people who do not pay or have never paid anything while legitimately occupying a accommodation municipal. Too bad, however, that 481 million of this money is considered no longer due. So much time has passed that now the administration has lost us hopes and we don’t even try to collect them anymore. Judge them irrecoverable since the first acts interrupting the statute of limitations were sent only in February 2011. Before this date, no one had done anything to safety unclaimed credits. It is about tenants who have accrued a monstrous debt, in one case even of 237 thousand euros. It is not always a question of destitute people, on the contrary. In the aforementioned case, the tenant declares an annual income of 98 thousand euros. And not the only one.

A few steps from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano lives the lady Rosa, invented name, which while earning 68 thousand euros the year for more than thirty years has decided to non to pay pi the rent to the Municipality. It was 1978 when he entered, originally the house had been assigned to an aunt a which took over. He does not remember when the last time he paid a current account slip was, so much so that his debt is close to one hundred thousand euros. Why am I not paying? Here all the works of renovation I had to make them out of my own pocket. Do you see? I changed the floors, the fixtures, the doors, all out of my own pocket. The Ater never came even when the ceiling collapsed on my little daughter’s head. The mantra always the same, all the defaulting tenants tell us: Since the Municipality does not carry out maintenance, we assume the right not to pay him a euro.

Things are discovered in the tenants’ registry incredible. As Mr. MDL owner of hotels in Capri and in Val D’Aosta but assignee of a popular accommodation in Rome as well as GA known owner of a chain of supermarkets that despite his villas scattered between Palermo and Trapani he needed a home popular in the capital. Then there are those who while living in areas absolutely central such as Piazza Navona, the Lungotevere, the Imperial Forums, etc. have the fortune of a agreed rent a few euros.

In via del Gonfalone, a few meters from Castel Sant’Angelo, Mr. Agostino pays 42 euros per month for a two-room apartment. It was the caretaker of the old assignee and took her place after her death. It is shielded, the real estate value of the area is diminished. But no, this one bad area, now forbidden to most people. The apartment itself was a fienile, if you see it cute because I fixed it over time. For a studio apartment 50 meters from his house, also on the ground floor, a real estate agency asks 900 euro per month. And as we speak a comings and goings of tourists with the trolley. I’m not afraid of evicted, I am 75 years old, I have lived here for a lifetime and I could also have pathologies that prevent me from being sent away. He trusts us to be in negotiation with the Municipality for the purchase. I do not pay more than 50 thousand euros, they would do well to gift celi these apartments, the only way the City has to be able to re-enter of some expense. In fact, the line that the latest city administrations have adopted given the impossibility of doing cash desk. As happened with gods stores in via Carlo Catteneo, in front of the Termini railway station in Rome. Until last year, Roma Capitale received a rent of 1,31 euro per month. He sold them earlier this year. It is not possible to know how long since the Department of Heritage and Housing Policies never replied to ours requests of information.

Very often i cadastral data reported on the website of the Municipality are incorrect or incomplete, it is necessary to reconstruct with difficulty where the apartments are and who lives there. Not hard to believe that well 13% of public housing is illegally occupied (percentage that would rise to 22% in the historic center). From the public lists, for example, it appears that on the second floor of Piazza Navona, 69 there is a two-room apartment while it is located on the 68 and the fifth floor. The interesting thing is that anyone who dresses it pays to the City 13.73 euros per month. It helps us to reconstruct the story Francesco De ‘Micheli, former councilor with Gianni Alemmanno. His name still appears on the intercom because in 2013 he was assigned another apartment (at the time Roma Capitale owned others which it then sold) as delegate of the mayor for agricultural policies. In 2013, at the end of my assignment, I left the apartment, I don’t know why mine is still there Name out to that gate. I remember that the Administration also owned others and already at the time yes mormorava for the very low rents that had been granted to tenants. Ironically, De ‘Micheli holder of an agency real estate. If correct, the amount indicated on the municipal tables is 13 euros per month for a two-room apartment in Piazza Navona ridiculous. Renovated that property would yield at least 1300 euros per month.

In the jerseys of a similar one management could not fail to fit there criminalit. According to investigators and law enforcement agencies there are entire neighborhoods like San Basilio and Acilia where the clans (mostly Spada, Bevilacqua and Moccia) organize the assignments of social housing to better manage the traffic and the sale of way. On 17 September, to clear out five apartments occupied by members of the Moccia clan, the State had to field one hundred men including carabinieri, policemen and municipal police who at dawn carried out the evictions in Tor Bella Monaca. In the so-called Tower of Legality as many families had occupied housing destined for some of those 13,500 on the waiting list for public housing. It is believed that they did so with Joseph’s consent Moccia, prejudiced that from the thirteenth floor he also managed drug trafficking. In fact, they were found in his apartment doses of hashish, everything you need to pack the drug and 30 thousand euros in cash, probably the result of the sale. Moccia was the legitimate assignee of the home but he had declared himself destitute, for twenty years he had not paid the rent, accumulating a debt of 70 thousand euros which earned him the eviction.

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