The first EU country to legalize the cultivation (and use) of cannabis at home

If you are 18 and have a green thumb, you will soon be able to grow cannabis at home for personal use. At least if you reside in Luxembourg. Yes, because the small Grand Duchy has decided to put aside the prohibitionist policies, considered bankrupt, by announcing a law that makes it the first country in the European Union to allow the production and consumption of marijuana at the same time.

According to law launched by the government, all adult residents of Luxembourg will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes or gardens. The trade in seeds will also be allowed without any limit to the quantity or levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (Thc), the main psychoactive constituent. The government has said it will be possible to buy seeds in stores, import them or buy them online.

“We have a problem with drugs and cannabis is the most widely used drug on the market,” said Justice Minister Sam Tamson, explaining that legalizing cannabis cultivation and recreational use can harm crime business. organized: “The idea is to allow a consumer not to be in an illegal situation if he consumes cannabis. In this way, we hit the entire illegal chain from production to transport to sale.” The law provides for the maintenance of the ban on the consumption and transport of cannabis or cannabis products in public. However, the consumption and transport of an amount of up to 3 grams will no longer be considered a crime, but classified as illegal. Furthermore, “zero tolerance” for those found driving under the influence of marijuana or hashish.

The steps towards a new model of managing soft drug use do not end there. The government has announced plans to allow domestic production of seeds for commercial purposes, but this has been postponed to later legislation. More generally, Luxembourg wants to create a state-regulated production and distribution system to ensure product quality, with sales revenues to be invested “mainly in prevention, education and health care in the vast field of addictions” government sources say.

The general framework for the revision of the law was agreed two years ago in a coalition agreement between Liberals, Social Democrats and Greens. Luxembourg will join Canada, Uruguay and 11 US states, which have already promoted similar laws. The Guardian remember that these States are in fact violating a United Nations Convention on Narcotic Control, which commits the signatories to restricting the production, manufacture, export, distribution of imports, trade, employment and occupation only for medical and scientific purposes and drug possession ”, including cannabis.


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