“Are we fighting or not?” – Corriere.it

“Are we fighting or not?” – Corriere.it
“Are we fighting or not?” – Corriere.it

A week of flyer at the entrance of the Volta high school by exponents of Student Block and Student Network, linked to far-right groups. Then in the past few days poster-posters have appeared glued to the walls, the students have removed them, but on Friday a banner reappeared and new big writings: Eternal honor to comrades, crew block. We fight or not? and Enraged, with a bull in combat gear.

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Milan, at the Liceo Volta neo-fascist student blitz: photos

At the Vault these are days of tension and Saturday morning the high school collective, together with the children of the Carducci collective and other schools collection calls will guard the entrance early in the morning. At 2.30 pm there will also be a garrison, we will talk about anti-fascism. The response of the students of the Volta on these issues comforts us – they say from the collective of the Volta -. The flyers and these writings are totally foreign to the culture of our high schools.

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