if you refuse your job you lose your check

if you refuse your job you lose your check
if you refuse your job you lose your check

The measure to combat poverty will also be reconfirmed for 2022 with the money that the Draghi government intends to allocate to refinance the citizen’s income. However, the operating mechanism for the allocation of the economic contribution is destined to undergo some changes. The last hypothesis is that advanced by Luigi Di Maio for which, in the event that the recipient of the Income were to refuse “a compensation offered to him by an employer, he loses it”. On the government table there are other assessments to review the instrument, including those concerning the tightening of controls.

Renew the Basic income also for next year, but not without reviewing its structure. The line that emerges from the intentions of the Draghi government is that of confirm the measure to combat poverty also for 2022. This can be seen from the budget planning document approved by the Council of Ministers which anticipates the maneuver scheduled for next week. In fact, in the budget law scheme, there is a further funding of one billion euros for the Income which would add up to the 7.7 billion already allocated for next year. In total, therefore, the expenditure for the measure would amount to 8.8 billion euros, in line with that incurred this year. But the instrument, introduced in the first Conte government and strongly defended by the 5 Star Movement, would be about to be modified with “corrective to the payment methods and strengthening controls“, emerged from the Council of Ministers. The hypotheses in the field are different and so does the minister Di Maio he had his say, opening up to important changes on the functioning mechanism of the Citizenship Income.

Di Maio: If you refuse the job offer, you lose your income

The measure, the flag of the 5 Stars and introduced by the first Conte government, was at the center of the political debate between the parties that support the Draghi government. If PD and M5S were in favor of confirming it, the same thing cannot be said for Lega and Forza Italia. The mediation conducted by Draghi made it possible to reach a meeting point between the positions of the various political forces, paving the way for a modification of the Basic income. Even the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio he was in favor of a revision and, in the latest book by Bruno Vespa, he said that “if the Employment Centers are not functioning, the company must be allowed to make a direct notification“. In this way, the pentastellato exponent has opened up to a modification of the measure that goes in the direction of building”a direct relationship between supply and demand in order to bring home reasonable and dignified remuneration“. And if at this point the income earner were to refuse”compensation offered to him by an employer, he loses it“, explained the former leader of the Movement.

The changes to the Citizenship Income that the government thinks about

A solution that would revolutionize the current forecast, for which the income earner loses support only after having rejected three job offers. But the government also thinks about other corrective measures such as the possibility of decrease the check to the second offer refused by the beneficiary. Not only that, because what emerged was also the need to review the allocation of the contribution, which on average corresponds to 570 euros, based on the number of family members. Criticalities in this sense had already been reported by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando which had noted that the government had to take into account in the review of the measure “of its effectiveness with respect to the size of households“because in its current version, the Income”penalizes large families“. Another front on which the executive intends to intervene, especially at the request of the center-right, is that of thetightening of controls necessary to admit citizens to the support measure. The guarantor of the 5 Star Movement Beppe Grillo also intervened on this, who wrote on his blog that “this is one of the most controlled measures” is that “any criticism of citizenship income is not an attack on the M5S, but an offense to over 3 million people“.

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