families evacuated. An elderly man who died of a heart attack, electrocuted in hospital

Five families evacuated, streets flooded, boulders fallen on cars and one man electrocuted. It is the first balance sheet of a violent storm that struck today in Syracuse. Civil protection and firefighters carried out dozens of interventions throughout the territory due to the numerous floods. In the Borgata area, in via Calabria, five families evacuated after the water flooded their homes on the ground floor. Residents have found hospitality from relatives and friends.

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A small wall has also yielded in the area: the debris ended up in the street carried by the water. A 75-year-old died of a heart attack during bad weather and it is unclear whether the man was afraid of the downpour. It is found instead A man who was electrocuted while the storm was in progress was admitted to the emergency room in minor conditions.

In some city streets the water has exceeded the level of the car doors, especially in the village of Milan and near the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime where many cars have broken down.

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families evacuated elderly man died heart attack electrocuted hospital

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