“Juve an alibi for the latter, ADL often made them a weapon”

At Radio Punto Nuovo, during the Punto Nuovo Sport Show, he spoke Fabio Ravezzani, director of Telelombardia: “I’m happy for the Neapolitans, I hope Napoli have a great season. Sometimes you don’t win because someone is better and if success doesn’t arrive you have to think so. Sometimes there was some episode that favored the team. Juve and other times there was a too strong Juve. Juve is a bit of an alibi for those who come second, De Laurentiis has made it a weapon a few times.

Inter-Juventus? I do not agree that the Bianconeri are more dangerous, indeed I see the Nerazzurri ahead. Allegri’s team can fight between second or fifth place, it doesn’t seem equipped to win. Then it depends so much on variables that cannot be predicted, such as Napoli last year if they had Osimhen they would have fought for the Scudetto. I see Inter as the favorite today. From what I have seen of Napoli it seems to me that he has absolute qualities that only Inter has. Juve doesn’t have an attack like the Neapolitan one, they don’t have a defense like the blue one. I say that as an absolute value Inter and Napoli are ahead of all, the others have more defects. What Mourinho said yesterday is destabilizing, he should have shut up. When you get paid so much you can make up for the limitations of the team. If you can’t, it’s your fault, it’s not that the team is poor. He has made noise in a square that is already rumbling on its own. His speech was that he is good, the others are blowjobs and you shouldn’t blame him. That’s no good”.


Juve alibi ADL weapon

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