With the proportional system, Italy can be made safe (whoever wins the elections)

With the proportional system, Italy can be made safe (whoever wins the elections)
With the proportional system, Italy can be made safe (whoever wins the elections)

Forza Italia is split, the League more, while Fratelli d’Italia has long been isolated from the rest of the center-right, where even the minor forces are pushing for an anti-sovereign turn. It has been like this for months, it is a fact by now publicly established and certainly to change this state of things it will not be the last coalition summit, with the relaunch of a unity in which no one believes, in the name of an electoral system ( majority) that many would like to change and a candidacy for the Quirinale (that of Silvio Berlusconi) that makes everyone laugh (except him, of course).

The problem is serious because the reasons for division are not insignificant, they are strategic and principled issues. With the Draghi government, in fact, the gap suddenly widened between a government right, attentive to health and economic reasons, and a populist right, determined to ride even the No vax protest in order to make a mess, and so much the worse for the health, for businesses and workers. A line that, at least judging from the result of the recent administrative, does not seem to have paid off.

It would therefore be the best time to give a hand to local ministers and administrators of the Lega and Forza Italia who have taken increasingly clear positions against that drift. A space has finally opened, to want to exploit it, to divide the liberals from the extremists, isolating the populists and securing the future of Italy, whoever wins the elections.

A space that Enrico Letta’s Democratic Party, in spite of the many words about the threat posed by an extremist and irresponsible right, has done everything to close, stubbornly to relaunch that bipolar scheme based on pre-electoral coalitions which is exactly what has kept Berlusconi’s hegemony alive in the center-right for a long time (the fact that the greatest supporters of the “spirit of the majority” are also the main champions of the anti-Berlusconism of these years is only the thousandth confirmation of the Gattopardesque character of all radicalisms Italians).

Instead of offering a side to the many potential internal opponents of Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, the Democratic Party in fact gives the sovereignists the most precious aid, barring the doors to anyone who dreams of abandoning them.

It is ancient history, yet always painful. Anyone who dreams of insisting on giving Salvini and Meloni some trouble, know that he will have to choose between the uncomfortable position of a dissenting minority in the center-right and the absurd position of the latest arrival on a bandwagon founded precisely on the radical opposition to the opposing coalition. Letta does not seem willing to offer other sides.

Like all or almost all of his predecessors, he is confident that the bipolar clash and the ghost of the sovereign regime will offer him the possibility of keeping all possible allies on a leash, and perhaps thus reaching Palazzo Chigi. In order to obtain this result, evidently, he does not hesitate to give a similar leash to those sovereign leaders whose threatening intentions and dangerous extremist drift every day he denounces. If he really wanted to deny the accusation of even using the neo-fascist danger in an instrumental way, he would only have to say one word: proportional. I’d be delighted to change my mind, but I doubt it.

It is good then that the responsible people make themselves heard, inside the Democratic Party and outside, before reviewing yet another, very bad copy of a film that has already been seen a thousand times, and with an even worse ending.

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