In the city to ride the anti-Green Pass wave, 10 neo-fascists and two anarchists sent back

Twelve mandatory street papers, of which ten against neo-fascists (eight from CasaPound) and two against anarchists. This, together with a complaint for unjustified possession of a knife and a screwdriver, is the balance of the checks that the Trieste police headquarters prepared after the raising of the security level. In recent days, in fact, an increasingly insistent rumor had spread of possible arrivals of black blocs and fringes of troublemakers ready to join the anti-Green Pass march that should have taken place today 22 October. Parade that, especially for fear of infiltration, the organizers have decided to cancel.

The invitation to reach the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia from all over Italy had begun to circulate on the network practically everywhere. A leaflet, which later turned out to be fake, called the demonstrators for a protest at 9 am. The other parade, the revoked one, should have started from largo Riborgo at 2 pm In short, yet another communication chaos produced by the overlapping of information and the absolute lack of any filter, as well as precise interlocutors. “The preventive and repressive actions – writes the Julian police headquarters – were developed also taking into account the info-investigative evidence of the arrival of about 300 people, belonging to extremist groups, who could have infiltrated the demonstrations, destabilizing them and implementing actions of real urban warfare “.

The police headquarters of other cities have also collaborated with the Trieste police headquarters, as well as Slovenian, Austrian and Croatian police bodies, which have also led to a strengthening of the controls implemented close to the border with Slovenia and the entry into the provincial territory , with the implementation of checkpoints in eleven strategic access points to Trieste. The area of ​​the Opicina obelisk was manned all night and most of the morning today. The same goes for the Miramare crossroads. In total, around 1500 people have been identified.


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