the “staging” with the corpses

There is no peace for Viviana Parisi and the little one Gioele Mondello, mother and son found dead in August 2020 in the countryside of Caronia, in the province of Messina. The Prosecutor has asked for thefiling of investigations to the investigating judge of the Court of Patti, but the family continues to have doubts about the reconstruction of the last moments of the two and the lawyers continue to oppose the request.

Once again in the courtroom the clash between the lawyers of the Mondella family and the investigators took place. The latter reiterated the version according to which the deejay she would have committed suicide jumping from a trellis after having, in all probability, strangled the child. Murder-suicide remains the most probable hypothesis for investigators.

The prosecutor Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, owner of the investigation, pointed out that there is no alternative reconstruction which meets the criteria of logic and coherence, and has defined the arguments of the lawyers of Daniele Mondello, husband of Vivana Parisi, “simply grotesque”.

Viviana Parisi and Gioele Mondello killed and transported to the woods: the family hypothesis

According to the experts appointed by the Mondello family, the woman would not have strangled her son and would not have thrown herself from the pylon. According to experts, the two would have fallen or been thrown into a well or a cistern with half a meter of water on the bottom, only to die of asphyxiation.

The discovery of the bodies, which would have pushed the investigators on the murder-suicide trail, would only be “a skilful staging organized by a criminal combination “.

The corpses would then be extracted from the recess in the ground in two different moments to sidetrack investigations and positioned in the woods. There the animals acted on the remains of little Joel.

Viviana Parisi and Gioele Mondello, towards the archiving of the investigations: the clash

The decision on the dismissal of the case by the investigating judge is expected in the coming days. Meanwhile Daniele Mondello, husband of Viviana Parisi and father of their child, continues to ask for truth and also illustrate on social media what doesn’t add up, according to his lawyers, of the reconstruction provided by the Prosecutor of Patti.

Virgil News | 22-10-2021 18:43

Viviana Parisi and little Gioele, the yellow stages

Photo source: ANSA

Viviana Parisi and little Gioele, the yellow stages

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