what they are and who answers the phone

“Do you want to change your life? Participants 18-35 years”, with a telephone number to which, after five blank rings, an answering machine with the voice of a doll repeats the verse of “1, 2 in Korean , 3 Star “that many will have heard watching the new Netflix Squid Game series on the couch. Hundreds of tickets that in recent days have been found in shops and bars in the east of Rome: Alessandrino, Tor Vergata and Tor Tre Teste just to name a few districts. But what makes this ticket news? The graphics on the front of the card, in brown hardcover, reproduce the three symbols (a circle, a triangle and a square) present on the masks of the mysterious guards of the cult series of the moment.

A number dialed by RomaToday who, at the end of the child’s sentence in Korean, concludes: “There are too many messages stored in the answering machine”. But what is behind these tickets? A publicity stunt. To have it the real estate agency Home Place Group, in particular a Roman branch of Tor Tre Teste.

To explain how it all came about Francesco Mandrisi, head of the agency in via Davide Campari. “The idea stems from a very great difficulty we have, namely that of being able to find young people willing to get involved and work”. In fact, dozens of calls have arrived at the number located behind the Squid Game ticket, to which, after listening to the answering machine that could deceive “, our call arrives that reveals the mystery. That is the search for personnel to hire , of a hundred boys, aged between 18 and 35, willing to work for us “.

Job offer “which in all cases has not found a response. Those who are contacted are more willing to play than to work”. “We opened this branch three years ago and we are looking for willing guys to join our agency. So we tried to take advantage of the boom in the Squid Game series, but people who are called back are hoping for a Halloween party or other initiative, and when they discover our search for personnel they back down “.

Psychosis in adults

A publicity stunt that also caused a psychosis effect. Not so much among children as in adults. At Alessandria, for example, in a chat on WhatsApp a parent posted the image of the note with the Squid Game symbols saying that he had seen several thrown near a school. From there, between tam tam and worry (which later proved unjustified), word of mouth between the parents reached the carabinieri who, alerted, searched the neighborhood.

An alarm that even spoke of attacks or suicidal intentions of children. Nothing that, however, has to do with the TV series on Nextlix. Others, however, more in line with the plot, said that there were kids who imitated the “squid game”, with slaps, kicks and punches to those who lost in some games. The commander of the Casilina company, in order not to leave anything to chance, however, sent his men to the neighborhood to look for clues. However, it was not necessary to make any blitz in schools to understand that that note, in reality, was nothing more than a publicity stunt and that the report was dictated by an excess of fear precisely unfounded.

The Netflix series

The Netflix Squid Game series tells the story of a hellish game between 456 men and women desperate to the point of risking their lives to win a prize pool of 45.6 billion won is conquering everyone to the point of becoming the most watched series in 90. Countries in the world. Those who have looked at it know well that everything starts with a business card that on one side shows the three symbols of the game, the square, the circle and the triangle, also present on the masks of the unknown organizers of the Squid Game, on the other side presents a telephone number to call in order to become effective competitors of the game.

Messages on school chats

Psychosis that has also found space on WhatsApp, as it is possible to read in one of the messages of a chat of a class of a primary school in the Porta di Roma area: “I am a primary school teacher with 2 fifth grades. These days it is came to light the vision by most of my students of the SQUID GAME series visible on a platform that mainly broadcasts television series. I spent 2 days talking with my students to understand how they had known him, how and with whom they had him seen and the kind of emotion or motivation it aroused in them. The plot is the compulsion of poor, marginalized and problematic people to play 6 games (including 1,2,3 star): the penalty for the error of the game is death through dolls that kill the defeated. The series is Korean and the vision is in the original language with subtitles. During the recreation I often see them playing at 1, 2, 3, star simulating the disqualification of their teammates with the gesture of pistol. And I who until recently had almost moved to see them play games of the old days as a group. Only now do I get the bitter reality ”.

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