Covid, three classes in quarantine at Marconi. Another ends up in dad because of the teachers in isolation

(r.l.) Discomfort for schools with i contagion from covid-19. Three classes of the Marconi complex of the Comprehensive Institute “Marconi – Sacchetti Sassetti” are in quarantine and another class suffers the consequences of this stop, by virtue of the number of teachers forced to remain in isolation.

Already from 19 October and for the following 10 days, pupils and staff of the Section IV A of the primary of the plexus Marconi for a positive case in the classroom. Same fate for the classes too IV section C and I section D of primary school always of the plexus Marconi precisely because of the presence of positives in the classroom. Quarantine, therefore, for pupils and teachers, starting from 20 October and until 29 October 2021.

In addition, the head teacher Mirella Galluzzi, found that the quarantine of the three classes in which infections were found, involves numerous teachers with specialization Montessori and after consulting the parents, he ordered the suspension of the activities in presence for the students of the class II section D who, starting from 22 October and until the end of the quarantine, will carry out distance learning activities.

For the rest, the teaching activities of the other classes will continue regularly according to the defined times. The appropriate sanitation operations will be carried out in the classrooms concerned, while the ASL procedure is already active.

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Covid classes quarantine Marconi ends dad teachers isolation

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