Covid, Pregliasco warns: “Signs of a tail blow from the virus” – Chronicle

Covid, Pregliasco warns: “Signs of a tail blow from the virus” – Chronicle
Covid, Pregliasco warns: “Signs of a tail blow from the virus” – Chronicle

Rome, 22 October 2021 – “We hope it is just a ripple but I fear that it is what many were saying in these days, and that is the possibility unfortunately that there is a hit of the tail of the virus facilitated by the openings and by moments of new normality which however bring with them a greater number of contacts and more opportunities for the virus to infect us “. Fabrizio Pregliasco virologist at the University of Milan, on Rai Radio1 commenting on the weekly monitoring ofHigher Institute of Health-ministry of health, that sees a slight increase in the national Rt index, from 0.85 to 0.86, and the incidence is slightly up (34 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants), with increases in particular in 17 regions and autonomous provinces.

The Covid data bulletin of October 22, 2021

Compared to what is happening in Great Britain, Pregliasco commented: “Italy has chosen a more prudent solution and approach that today is keeping us more calm, but we can still see this increase in Italy too. So the fear is that, even with a worsening of weather conditions, you get to what you see in England. Let’s hope with less intensity, precisely because they started in a very reckless way last July to remove all restrictions. At this moment, by the way, in England it is even colder, so it is a bit like the scenario that we could go and see in the near future. I hope that some restrictions will be implemented in England“.

Finally, to the question of when we could say goodbye at masks Pregliasco replied: “We have to spend the night but this night is a bit long because it is this winter where there may be a blow from the tail of the virus, but I believe and hope that from next spring with an increase in vaccination with booster doses and with new therapies that are emerging and in the near future now available to everyone we will be able to live with this virus in a much more civilized way. The virus will remain but we will be able to contain its effects “.

At the Adnkrons the virologist warns: “With an incidence above i 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants they should be fielded countermeasures“. But he clarifies:” I do not say heavy restrictions, but references and trimmings to the aspects of freedom that we have had. Better to anticipate than to wait until we are in an emergency. “Should we put the masks back in the open?” I hope not – replies Pregliasco – but surely we must insist on systematic application indoors “.

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