Doctolib, the tech company at the service of health arrives in Italy

Doctolib, the tech company at the service of health arrives in Italy
Doctolib, the tech company at the service of health arrives in Italy

The pandemic has made people more connected, including in the realm sanitary. The use of digital channels to search for information, consult the reports or, again, book visits and exams through dedicated platforms. A positive context therefore for digital healthcare that has been further enriched with the recent landing on the Italian market of Doctolib.


The company, founded in 2013 in France, has launched a software suite in the Peninsula that allows you to book medical visits online and via smartphone with various specialists and general practitioners, to request prescriptions via the web and to share reports with the referring doctor. If the use of the platform is free for the patient, doctors are instead required to pay a monthly fee. “We are a tech company at the service of health. Our goal is to improve the daily lives of doctors and health personnel and facilitate access to patient care” highlights Nicola Brandolese, CEO of Doctolib Italy.

In view of this launch “150 doctors have tested our platform, helping to design its functionalities. The service – continues the CEO of Doctolib – has several advantages for professionals who can save time thanks to online booking and improve coordination with the own secretariat, as well as using the platform to communicate with patients “. These are non-secondary aspects, second Brandolese, considering that today “family doctors devote 50% of their time to administrative activities or to communicate with their patients by the most diverse means”.

Development projects

Today the group has 2000 employees globally, 60 million users and managed 70 million bookings during the vaccination campaign in France e Germany. In Italy 2 our goal is to invest 250 million euros in technology and for the recruitment of personnel “, explains the CEO.” We have acquired, platform present in Italy since 2013 which allows you to book medical examinations and diagnostic and laboratory tests, to facilitate the further development of our services. A future-oriented development also with telemedicine solutions, in the wake of what has already been done in France. “This is a sector, the latter, which has seen a significant leap forward in Italy during the period of travel restrictions which still sees ample potential for growth.Digital Innovation Observatory in Healthcare, according to which the most requested services currently include tele-consultation with specialist doctors, tele-visits and tele-monitoring. Solutions that are attracting strong interest, but for which the offer is still limited.

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