Vasco Rossi furious against the No Green pass, the attack on the fake photomontage with insults: “But dignity where you lost it”

Vasco Rossi’s reaction is very hard, he ended up in the crosshairs of the No Green pass with a fake photomontage widespread among social networks and Telegram channels. On the screen, the singer appears in a photo accompanied by the words: «You don’t have the Green pass? No concerts, stay buried, mouse! ». The singer relaunched that photomontage with a large writing in red: «Fake», accompanied by his comment: «This is how fake news is created and hatred and violence are sown! Think people think! “But dignity where you have lost it!” », Followed by the hashtags fakenews, fake and chiseminaodio. An attack with self-quotation that of Rossi who takes up a verse of his piece You shoot him above, specifically in this passage:

You are able to always keep one foot here and one there
You will have a certain future in this world here
But where did you lose dignity?
And if to survive, any filth
Let it happen and say “it’s not my fault”
Smile, the shots above are for us

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Vasco Rossi furious Green pass attack fake photomontage insults dignity lost

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