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Italy weather next hours

RAIN MORE INTENSE IN TUSCANY. During the morning, rains and showers affected a good part of the central regions, especially Tuscany. Between Pisano and Livornese there were the most intense showers, with rainfall accumulations that locally exceed 50mm from midnight. In the last few hours, however, there has been an attenuation of them starting from the coastal areas, where partial clearings have taken place.

SITUATION. A perturbation of Atlantic origin is crossing part of Italy and is now moving from the northern regions to those of the Center-South. At dawn today is affecting Tuscany with showers and thunderstorms concentrated above all on Versilia, where the pluviometric accumulations locally reach i 30mm from midnight, but scattered phenomena involve the whole region and go as far as Marche and northern Umbria. The westernmost branch of the same front flows over Sardinia, also in this case giving rise to some rain, while the southernmost branch has reached the southern Tyrrhenian side with some rain on the coast of Campania. Here’s what awaits us for the rest of the day:

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. Wide bright spells prevalent in the northern regions, especially central-western alpine species and western Liguria, except for some rain on Romagna, Friuli VG and at times on the Venetian coasts, sometimes intense showers in the day on the Romagna Apennines. Thickening with mists and low clouds in the morning over the Po Valley, with partial daytime thinning. More unstable conditions on the central regions with more intense rains and showers on Umbria, Marche, lower Lazio and inland Tuscany, here also with thunderstorms. It tends to brighten during the day on the Tuscan coasts and in the evening also on those of upper Lazio; less compact cloud cover in Abruzzo with low probability of precipitation. On the southern regions thickening e some downpours on the high Campania, locally stormy, and high Puglia, but also on central-eastern Sicily from the afternoon in trespassing to lower Calabria by evening. Dry on the rest of the South with greater openings on upper Calabria and medium-lower Puglia, even with skies clouded by the transit of high stratifications. Variability in Sardinia with some rain in the central-northern areas. Falling temperatures in the Center-South. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

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DIRECT WEATHER chronicle PERTURBATION action hit hours Meteo

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