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Weather start next week

BEGINNING OF THE WEEK, BAD WEATHER CONCENTRATED IN THE CENTER-SOUTH. The Afro-Mediterranean depression vortex that on end of the week it will affect the weather in our southern regions with episodes locally of strong intensity it will continue to influence the meteorological trend even with the launch of the new one. Will be once again Southern Italy to suffer the most intense phenomena, given its greater proximity to the vortex, but the precipitation will extend further north, partly reaching the central regions as well. Above all, it would be at the expense Eastern Sicily and Ionian Calabria, where there could also be severe thunderstorms with local storms. A similar configuration would seem to continue until mid-week, with instability prevailing in the Center-South and locally violent phenomena, due to the persistence of a low-pressure sack on the lower Mediterranean.

VENTIFORTI AND MAREGGIATE. Also noteworthy are the winds, sustained in cyclonic rotation around the vortex on the Ionian, with eastern gusts fino a 70-90km/h which may give rise to some storms on the eastern coasts of Sicily and on the Ionian coasts of Calabria. Swells not excluded up to the Tyrrhenian coast of Sardinia.

Italy weather Monday

ANTICYCLONE AND MORE STABLE WEATHER IN THE NORTH. The evolution will be decidedly different in Northern Italy, where instead it will benefit from the stabilizing effect of an anticyclonic bridge extended longitudinally from western to eastern Europe. However, atmospheric stability may be undermined by the presence of some thickening on the Venetian coasts and in the westernmost Po Valley, as well as by the formation of fogs or low clouds in the coldest hours of the day along the entire Po axis.

SLIGHT THERMAL DROP. Le temperature they will lose some degrees especially in the initial phase of the week, due to the lure of oriental currents triggered by the Afro-Mediterranean vortex, especially on the Po Valley and on the Adriatic regions.

ATTENTION: this is not a definitive forecast but a trend that could undergo changes in the coming days, due to the dynamism of evolution and the temporal distance. We advise you to follow the next updates.

Medium to long term projections: our team of meteorologists updates the analyzes twice a week. These are weather projections and not specific forecasts: see them in the 15-day weather trends section.

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