he was 49 years old. The death in the night, the day before the last arrived

he was 49 years old. The death in the night, the day before the last arrived
he was 49 years old. The death in the night, the day before the last arrived

An illness took her away at the age of 49. He had worked until the day before, attending the council meeting of his municipality, of which he was a part. Pisa mourns the death of the councilor for social policies Gianna Gambaccini, neurologist at ASL Toscana Nord and president of the Pisa area health society. Death in the night. The flag of the City of Pisa in Palazzo Gambacorti was placed at half mast as a sign of mourning, the funeral will take place next Monday, 25 October, at 2.30 pm, in the parish church of the Holy Family, while the funeral home is set up in the the farewell room of the Public Assistance of Pisa. The missing councilor leaves her husband and daughter.

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The mayor’s condolences: “A special person”

The mayor of Pisa Michele Conti expressed his condolences and that of the entire community with a long message: «Gianna was and will be remembered as a special person. It leaves a huge void in all of us. His professional skills have been a valuable asset for the work he has done for our city, serving our community. But more than anything else, her human skills have allowed her to help others, especially the frail and the weakest, to face difficulties without getting discouraged, to drag those who have had the privilege of being close to her in the enthusiasm of new projects. He knew how to do it until yesterday, present in the Giunta with us to plan the activities of the next months. In recent months he has faced a terrible and sudden illness: with strength, courage and optimism. In his memory we will continue the path we have done together until now. Now is the time for prayer and condolences that I want to extend in my name, the council and the city to the family and to all those who loved them, with my thoughts turned to Biagio and Camilla who had to say goodbye too soon ».

President Giani: “A competent and passionate woman”

«I was struck and saddened by the news of the untimely death of Gianna Gambaccini, a competent and passionate woman, who until the end offered her commitment as administrator to the Pisan community. I am close to his family, which suffers an unbearable loss, and to the city ». Thus the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, expresses his condolences for the death of Gianna Gambaccini.

The messages of the parties

«We are deeply struck by the news of the premature death of the councilor Gianna Gambaccini. An announcement, today, that no one in the city expected and would have liked to have. We express on behalf of the entire community of Democratic party and the Council Group our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family and to the League of Pisa today struck by an unbridgeable loss ». They affirm it Valeria Valente, Provincial Commissioner Pd, e Matteo Trapani, leader of the Pd group in the municipal council of Pisa. “I am sincerely saddened by the disappearance of Gianna. Not just an active and socially committed councilor, to the end, despite the illness, but above all a great woman and professional. I embrace his family with affection ”: like this Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of Culture.

«The disappearance of the councilor for social policies of Pisa Gianna Gambaccini upsets the whole Tuscan League. We gather around the family ». Thus the commissioner of the Tuscan League, the Honorable Mario lolini, recalls the commissioner of the Municipality of Pisa who died after a terrible illness. «Gianna Gambaccini gave an important impulse to the social policies of the Mayor Conti – recalls Lolini – but he was also an excellent doctor who put his experience and his political skills at the service of the city. She showed attachment to her role until a few hours before leaving us, defeated by an incurable disease, so much so that she participated in the last council. We will remember her with affection for her sunshine and dedication. My condolences go to the family and those of the whole community of the Tuscan League which in recent years has esteemed it professionally and humanly appreciated it ».

«We learn with great sadness of the untimely death of Gianna Gambaccini, councilor of the Municipality of Pisa. A courageous, strong woman, a capable doctor and a dedicated person who, up to the end, normally carried out the functions attributed to her role, so much so that she also participated in the recent meeting of the Executive. We are therefore particularly close to his family in this dramatic moment ». So i regional councilors of the League.

The League’s MEP Susanna Ceccardi expresses “deep condolences” for the disappearance, after a long illness, of Gianna Gambaccini, councilor for social policies of the municipality of Pisa. “Last night we lost a friend, a brave, competent person, always available to others. Gambaccini was one of the most valid people that our party could boast in Tuscany – says Ceccardi in a note – His will to live, his continuous commitment and until the end for the community made us forget that in reality he was still fighting with the his bad illness. She did not make it difficult, she continued to work and commit herself to the end. She was always on the side of the weakest, always ready and on the front line when it was time to help others. Gianna had a disarming sweetness, but at the same time she was very determined when she wanted to achieve goals. He was truly an extraordinary person, as there are few. For me she was a great friend and a point of reference. I still can’t believe it. “

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