the case reopened after 30 years

The cold case of the “Lady in red”, Franca Demichela, 49-year-old bourgeois fashion representative, found lifeless by a homeless man on September 15, 1991. His body was left as a waste near an overpass in Moncalieri. After the surveys and investigations, it was established that Franca was strangled, perhaps with the same pearl necklace she wore around her neck.

An eccentric and flashy woman, as rebellious as she is rich, she was murdered but the murderer has never been identified. Thirty years after the mystery, the case has been reopened. La Repubblica gives the news and explains that the red dress that has become one of the emblems of Demichela’s tragic end could be crucial to find who killed her.

The prosecutor has decided to reopen the case. The finds seized at the time, with the new tests, could give answers expected for three decades. The tests will be carried out in Rome, starting from Saturday 23 October, with investigative techniques that in 1991 were not usable because they did not exist. Crucial could be theDNA examination which could solve the mystery of who took the life of the ‘Lady in red’, then thrown on the bank of the Chisone stream.

The prosecutor Enrica Gabetta and prosecutor Francesco Pelosi will also work on the testimonies collected after the discovery of the body and on the clues leaked from the investigation, then filed and now reopened. Five people were re-entered in the register of suspects. Compared to past investigations, a new name has emerged.

Thirty years ago the first suspect was the husband, Franco Capra, former Fiat employee. Today the man is 81 years old. The wedding with Franca lasted 14 years and was not easy. The ‘Lady in Red’ has led a wild life, associating with ambiguous people.

“She was not afraid to cross Turin at night alone, seduce strangers she met by chance and participate in parties in the nomad camps”, the chronicles of the time report.

As for Capra, he was arrested for 18 days. He was then released on the basis of an iron alibi: the night his wife was killed he was at his parents’ house outside Turin, in Valdellatorre.

The investigations then focused on three Croatian nomads, Nikola Stoianovic, Radenko Nicolic, and Nenad Jovanovic. Franca, who loved having her papers read in the street field of the Airport, took an aperitif with them at the Mokita bar in Piazza San Carlo the day she died. He then climbed aboard his Golf Gti with the trio.

The three then fled from Turin to return only after the investigation was closed. They were still questioned saying they saw the victim downtown, but until 10.30 pm. Demichela was instead murdered between one and two in the morning.

We arrive at the last of the five suspects, another nomad, who was heard as a witness three days ago and then investigated for the murder. This one had only seen the victim a couple of times, but said he was available for DNA testing.

Virgil News | 22-10-2021 14:13

Photo source: ANSA

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