Castegnato murder, the words of Elena Casanova’s killer: “I wanted to kill her”

In the end Ezio Galesi would also have shed a few tears, during the first interrogation in which he admitted all guilt: the 59-year-old is accused of aggravated voluntary murder for killing, with hammer blows, the former partner Elena Casanova, 49 years old and mother of a girl just 17 years old. According to what was reconstructed by the carabinieri of Chiari, coordinated in the investigations by the prosecutor Carlo Pappalardo, Galesi would have waited for her outside the house, in Via Fiorita in Castegnato, cutting her off with the car. Armed with a hammer he would have smashed the window, opened the door and then dragged the woman onto the asphalt, hitting her several times until killing her.

The hammer bought (or stolen) from Obi

The two would have met (perhaps by chance) at the Obi in the Mandolossa area: it is here that Galesi would have bought (or stolen) the hammer used to kill. Just an hour ago he had gone quietly to the bar, to have an aperitif with friends. As reported by friends and neighbors, it seems that Elena was afraid of him, that he had already threatened her: the two had had an affair, closed for a year now, and had lived together for a few months at the time of the first lockdown.

Galesi would have admitted that he had killed her with such violence because, in his words, “there were feelings”: but pressed by the magistrate, he would have instead rejected the hypothesis of premeditation to the sender (a circumstance of which the investigators seem rather sure). “We met at Obi, that’s when I decided to go outside her house to wait for her,” Galesi told the investigators.

“I admit, I wanted to kill her”

“I had a beautiful friendship with her, then I became something more. But it was I who wanted to end the relationship, a relationship that I no longer liked “. He also admitted that he had punctured her tires, “because she had to give me 500 euros for some work I had done for her: I also went to her ex-husband, then she gave me 300”. He would also always be the author of the writings that cover the walls of the neighborhood, “Enjoy 1000 euros”, with reference to those unpaid jobs.

With the hammer in his pocket he went out of her house and killed her. “I was angry with me because I had to do some work – Galesi would have said – but when I saw her I had a fit, and I admit that I wanted to kill her. This is why I hit her so many times ”. His brutal fury will not let poor Elena Casanova, a worker at Iveco in Brescia, escape. “I know I deserve a life sentence for what I did,” the other words of the killer.

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