“Italy to appear in court against the Super League”

Following the Council of Coni today, there was also room to talk about super lega. “Through the undersecretary to Sport Valentina Vezzali, I represented to the Government the position of the FIGC regarding the constitution of Italy in the judgment on the Super League hinged at the European Court of Justice, highlighting its risks and criticalities – declared the FIGC president GravinaI hope it will happen by today so as not to place our country outside a very large group of states that support UEFA in what we believe is a battle of principle in defense of an open and meritocratic football system.“. There is time by today for the Italian government to express its support for UEFA’s legal battle.

“Superlega, change the format: sporting merit without permanent members”

De Siervo: “Embarrassment for the Italian government”

There is embarrassment at this time with respect to the failure of our Government to take a position with respect to the proceeding on the Superlega issue – said the CEO of Lega Serie A instead Luigi De Servant, in a press conference on the sidelines of the general assembly of the European Leagues – There is a deadline that expires by today, ours is the only one among the governments that has not yet taken a formal position. We understand that the letter is ready, we wonder why this position, which President Draghi also expressed with a tweet after the announcement of the Super League, has not yet taken consistency and an adequate form. You know what happened in England, you know what Spain is doing, we are in the last crack. We hope that our government formally reaffirms the position it had stated at the time“.

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