Men come from Mars, women from Venus with Debora Villa at the Manzoni Theater from 28 to 31 October

“A long time ago, the Martians and Venusians met, fell in love and lived happily together because they respected and accepted their differences. Then they arrived on earth and were struck by amnesia: they forgot that they came from different planets ”. John Gray’s text is a world best seller that has sold fifty million copies and has been translated into forty languages, is based on a simple and effective thought: men and women come from two different planets. Staging the theatrical adaptation, an exhilarating collective group therapy, of the most famous book by the American psychologist John Gray, will be a woman for the first time. Trying to remain impartial, Debora will lead you by the hand to discover the opposite sex without prejudice. For the first time it will be a representative of Venus to remind us, with her overwhelming and irreverent, refined and unsettling comedy, what are the sensational differences that characterize the Martians and the Venusians. Men and women will learn to know each other again “because – as Gray argues – when you learn to recognize and appreciate the differences between the two sexes, everything becomes easier, misunderstandings vanish and relationships are strengthened”.

Master’s Degree in Modern Literature. Master in Public Relations.
ISMEO Diploma (Arabic language and culture). Journalist. Head of Media Relations relations and relations with Bodies and Institutions at Vox Idee (integrated communication agency) Milan.


Men Mars women Venus Debora Villa Manzoni Theater October

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