Polls: after the Pd and Fdi elections stable above 19%, Lega and M5s lose 0.9%

The Democratic party al 19,5% of consents, followed by Brothers of Italy which remains in front of the League, still down by 0,9% as the 5 star movement. These are the results of the survey carried out by Alessandra ghisleri from Euromedia Research for the episode of Door to door on Thursday 21 October. Compared to the previous survey of 14 September, therefore carried out before the session of administrative elections, Pd and Fdi remain stable (both mark + 0.1%), while the two parties led by Matteo Salvini e Giuseppe Conte.

According to the voting intentions collected by Euromedia, the formation of Giorgia Meloni reaches 19.2% and remains as a month ago at 0.3 percentage points from the dem. The third political force is the League, which however drops to 17.6%. Even further the M5s, stopped in fourth position at 16.2%. Come on Italy earns it 0,8% and gets the8,1% of consents. If we went to the vote today, the coalition of center right would get the 46,1% while that of the center-left (Pd, M5s, Sinistra Italiana and MDP-Art.1) would stop at 38,6 percent.

According to the Euromedia sample after the recent performance recorded in the elections for the Municipality of Roma, Action from Carlo Calenda grows to 4.5% (+ 0.7%). The federation of gave would stand at 2.1% (+0.1%). Italy Viva from Renzi al 2%, with another -0.8% in just over a month. Followed, stable, MDP-Art.1 at 1.5%, Italian Left 1.4% (-0.4%) and + Europe 1.2% (-0.5%). Finally, the minor forces of the center-right 1.2% (+ 0.1%).


Polls Fdi elections stable Lega M5s lose

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