Dzeko: “I didn’t like many things in Rome, many people disappointed me”

Edin Dzeko gave an interview to The Gazzetta dello Sport, back to talk about the Roma, some market background and José Mourinho. This is an excerpt of his words:

Sunday is Juventus. He could have lived this match in the black and white jersey… Why did the deal jump?
It was Roma that spoke first and made an agreement with Juve, I didn’t even know about the negotiation, I only entered the scene later. Then everything jumped because Roma did not find my replacement.

What is left inside you of the case of the captain’s armband at Rome?
So many things I didn’t like, so many people have disappointed me. I prefer to think of the six wonderful years I spent there.

Without a trophy, though.
I would have liked to win something, especially in the second year we had a very strong team, but then it is difficult to succeed if you sell the most important players every time … Now I have come to Inter precisely to fill this gap, I want to give my contribution to win. Doing so, however, is never easy: if Inter had kept Conte, Lukaku and the same as last year, a new championship victory would not have been granted.

Would you have liked a little bit to be coached by Mourinho?
He actually trained me for a month. I’m telling the truth: I enjoyed it. Mourinho is Mourinho, always. It is in private just like it is in public. With him there is everything: he knows how to joke and get angry. They were very good training sessions and the team was having fun.

Instead, tell us about the call from Inter.
Do you know who it was that phoned me? Kolarov. It was he who told me that Inter were interested, that there was the possibility of a transfer. “Here they want you, come”. And here I am.

Does Inzaghi have anything of Mou?
Mou starts from solidity and then develops his game, Inzaghi loves offensive play more.

Inzaghi had experienced it as an opponent in the derby: did you find it as you expected it?
I expected it exactly like that. Also in the way of playing because I was struck by the quality of Lazio. I immediately thought: “If we play the same way here, I have a lot of fun”.

He is already at 6 goals in the league, last year he finally reached 7: what has changed?
I haven’t given the best version of myself. But there were also many external factors that influenced it.

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