For the fifth edition of e_mob 300 thousand people in the center of Milan – Massa Critica

The fifth edition of e_mob, the national festival of electric mobility that from 16 to 19 October animated the center of Milan, between Piazza Duomo and via Mercanti, has come to an end.

That of 2021 was an edition that undoubtedly marked a qualitative leap in the level of the numbers of the exhibition with the passage of over 300 thousand people between charging stations, light vehicles, cars, buses, cargo bikes, vehicles for urban cleaning.

Another important fact concerned the conferences: first of all, the transition to the prestigious setting of Palazzo Giureconsulti – made available by the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce – impressed those present; then the live streaming – as is now the practice after the digital edition of 2020 – proved necessary to expand participation far beyond the capacity allowed by the theaters, allowing more than 2000 users to follow the various sessions on 18 and 19 October.

The ideas that emerged from the discussion spoke of an economic maneuver that should be aimed at proposing incentives only for vehicles in the emission range from 0 to 20 g of CO2 per km (i.e. exclusively 100% electric vehicles), avoiding emission bands. superior; of a road towards change that has now been traced and from which we cannot and do not want to go back: therefore we will not listen to pressure from associations or companies opposed to decarbonisation.

The confirmation of a road well rooted in the present also came from two of the most significant partner companies in public utility services: Atm confirmed that by 2030 all public transport in circulation will be electric – already boasting a conversion rate of the fleet of urban buses by 75%; a2a undertook within the same year to put into operation exclusively electric vehicles for waste collection.

In addition, two program agreements were presented which will prove to be fundamental over the next five years; as is typical of e_mob, the community has managed to converge the efforts of different subjects towards a common goal. At the same time, the commitment to these program agreements will also have the effect of mitigating the main fears related to the transition to electric mobility.

This is the Memorandum of Understanding for the start-up of the Italian second-life battery supply chain (presented in the pre-conference last October 14), whose objective is to reuse batteries no longer useful for traction of vehicles in electricity storage systems. and finally take care of the recycling of raw materials. The second agreement, on the other hand, concerns the issues of orientation and vocational training for the new figures needed by the sector, as well as the requalification of those who work in traditional mobility. It is estimated that permanent training and retraining can favor the creation of at least 200,000 jobs in the electric mobility sector; the involvement of training bodies, representatives of Confindustria and trade unions is an extremely significant result for the solidity of the collaboration. In any case, these are agreements open to new members and contributions.

Finally, a mapping work was presented on the choices of Italian municipalities over 20 thousand inhabitants in terms of the presence of electric fleets, recharging infrastructures and vehicle traffic limitation regulations on their territories. This is a work still in progress, which will be presented in a special conference by the end of the year by Class Onlus and Motus-E.

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