the paradox of the men of Orlando

PALERMO – The entire municipal bureaucracy under accusation. The judicial earthquake overwhelms the city building first of all numerically. An entire class of directors, starting with Mayor Leoluca Orlando, is being investigated for fakes in municipal budgets. The investigation of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo assumes that the balance between income and expenditure that must be the basis of a municipal budget has been falsified.

An artificial accounting situation

Incomes would be overestimated and outgoings underestimated to make ends meet. If the photograph of the numbers had been real and not artificial, and here is the hypothesis being examined by the investigators, the municipal coffers would have defaulted.

Without the alleged false accounts, the collapse would have been inevitable for some time, especially in the years in which money was spent that probably the Municipality did not already have (from the Festino to the recruitments, to the stabilizations), between the first and second mandates of the mayor Leoluca Orlando.

I spent the money that wasn’t there

Palazzo delle Aquile would have traveled beyond its means. Like? Foreseeing, but this is just an example, to collect 85 million euros in fines for infringement of the highway code, of which in reality only 25 million have been ascertained. And repeating the same figures in the following year, without taking into account that just over a quarter of the expected money had been collected. Same thing for the collection of Tari and Tarsu, amnesties and building contributions. Or by declaring to have debts with the subsidiaries, for example Rap, clearly inferior to reality. And we are talking about millions of euros.

The paradox of the former councilor

The control section of the Court of Auditors in recent times has repeatedly pointed the finger at the budgets of the Municipality, bringing out a paradox that is now being repeated in the news. And it is that of Luciano Abbonato, who was councilor for the budget of the Municipality of Palermo and today is a lay councilor of that Court of Auditors that had accused the numbers of Palazzo delle Aquile. The further piece is that the controller Subscriber today among the 24 investigated.

Today tears and blood

There are other paradoxes. For example, those concerning Bohuslav Basile (general accountant) and Sergio Pollicita (head of cabinet of Orlando) who today would have to contribute to the repayment plan approved by the City Council after which, according to the accusation, they would have had a false role of financial statements finished under the magnifying glass of the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police Unit. Last September the pre-bankruptcy process began for the institution which lacks 80 million euros to close the budget.

There is no money to repair the roads, very little maintenance is done in schools, many roads are not illuminated. Today tears and blood are announced, while yesterday, and it is the heart of the investigation, much more would have been spent than could have been.

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