Fifa ranking, Mancini’s Italy rises to fourth place

Thanks to the third position reached in the Nations League, Roberto Mancini’s Italy rises to 4th place in the FIFA ranking. The blues overtake England at 1750.52 points. In command there is always the Belgium with 1832.33. In second position is confirmed the Brazil with 1820.36 points (just 12 points from the top), followed by France winner of the Nations League with 1770.24 points. The ranking was conditioned by 160 international competitions played in October.

Italy and France ok, Uruguay collapses

Among the top five national teams in the standings, only France and Italy have improved their positions. Uruguay, which drops to fifteenth place, it is the national team that has done worse, losing three places in the ranking. Also England is confirmed in difficulty, down by two positions. The vice-champions of Europe are fifth ahead of Leo Messi’s Argentina. A little further down, the progress of Spain, which overtakes Portugal in seventh place. Germany also did well, climbing two positions and finishing in twelfth place. The Germans were the first national team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Mancini: “It will be the match of the year against Switzerland. On Locatelli …”


Fifa ranking Mancinis Italy rises fourth place

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