Manfredi, here is the Giunta: 5 women and 6 men. Mia Filippone Deputy Mayor

Manfredi, here is the Giunta: 5 women and 6 men. Mia Filippone Deputy Mayor
Manfredi, here is the Giunta: 5 women and 6 men. Mia Filippone Deputy Mayor

twelve o’clock, October 21, 2021 – 9:05 pm

Mix of technicians and politicians in the new Neapolitan city government. The former Undersecretary for the Economy Baretta to the Budget, Edoardo Cosenza to the Infrastructures, Laura Lieto to the Urban Planning, Paolo Mancuso to the Environment and Sea. Pnrr delegation to the mayor

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The mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi defined the composition of the municipal council. Below are the names of the assessors with relative powers:

Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Education and the Family: Mia Filippone

To the Financial Statements: Pier Paolo Baretta

Infrastructure and mobility: Edward Cosenza

Environment and sea: Paolo Mancuso

Social policies: Luca Trapanese

Municipal police and legality: Antonio De Iesu

Tourism and Productive Activities: Teresa Armed

Youth and employment policies: Chiara Marciani

Health and Green: Vincenzo Santagada

Sport and Equal Opportunities: Emanuela Ferrante

The mayor maintains the following powers for himself: Culture; Port; Pnrr, European funding and Territorial cohesion; Big Projects; Staff; Organization; Decentralization; Digitization and innovation. The council will be presented tomorrow Friday 22 October at 12 in the Sala dei Baroni at the Maschio Angioino also in live streaming on the institutional website of the Municipality at the link

The Civic Left

Napoli Solidale had refrained from making its own proposal for the council in this political phase in full respect of the autonomy of the Mayor, whom it thanks for the availability expressed, and ensures maximum collaboration in the City Council. As we widely argued in the election campaign, Napoli Solidale was born as a unitary path between civic networks and left-wing parties to innovate political processes. Our goal is to open different scenarios in comparison with traditional party organizations for an experience of managing social economy processes and active participation from below in the decision-making processes of politics. In short, contributing not only to institutional reform but to the primary need for party reform, activating new political practices in support of an innovative and social justice function of the center left as the only way to mend the abstentionist tendencies expressed by half of the entitled parties. voting. For these reasons today Napoli Solidale assumes this political choice today for the Giunta, to be there with our collaborative presence in the institutional seat of the Municipal Council.

Best wishes from the Speaker of the House, Fico

Good work to Gaetano Manfredi and his council who will support him in the administration of the city. Luca Trapanese and Emanuela Ferrante will be part of this new path, representing the 5 Star Movement and dealing respectively with social policies and sports and equal opportunities. For some time they have been committed to the community in the first person, with passion, the highest professionalism and altruism. They will now put their skills and dedication as administrators at the service of the Neapolitan community. Good job!. This was declared by the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico.

21 October 2021 | 21:05



Manfredi Giunta women men Mia Filippone Deputy Mayor

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