Ivrea, the guarantor of the prisoners compares Draghi to Cesare Battisti: towards removal

21 October 2021 17:21

On Facebook Paola Perinetto calls the Prime Minister a criminal: the controversy that leads to the decision of the City Council breaks out

The offending post – Paola Perinetto on social media has never made a secret of her positions against the government and, in particular, against the obligation of the Green pass. In the post that sparked the most heated controversy he wrote: “In the photo we can see a case of extreme similarity: one is an unscrupulous criminal. The other is Cesare Battisti”.

The request for removal from office from several parties – And the same national guarantor of the detainees Mauro Palma had asked for his removal. In one of her notes following the publication of the offending post, in fact, she said: “Having read what was reported in the post published by the Guarantor of the prisoners of the municipality of Ivrea, Paola Perinetto, the unqualifiable parallel proposed by her and the assessments expressed, asks that the Mayor and the Municipal Council of Ivrea evaluate the removal of the Guarantor from the position held. He also asks that homogeneous lines be finally established so that the locally designated Guarantors meet the criteria of independence and professionalism “.

Request also supported by Sappe, the prison police union. “With such ideological preconceptions – said his secretary Stefano Sertoli – how can the delicate function of guarantor of prisoners’ rights be fulfilled with serenity and balance?” For this reason he in turn urged the mayor of Ivrea to “urgently evaluate the removal of the Guarantor from office”. “Other than a guarantee figure – observed Capece. – Today the guarantor represents only one part of the world of justice, that is the prisoners, those who are mainly in prison for having committed crimes and if he does not know how to distinguish the fourth position of the state, that is the president of the Council of Ministers, from a murderer is just the wrong person in the wrong place “.


Ivrea guarantor prisoners compares Draghi Cesare Battisti removal

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