“Health is not for sale”: Legnano Communist Refoundation in Milan for a healthcare without profits

“Health is not for sale”: Legnano Communist Refoundation in Milan for a healthcare without profits
“Health is not for sale”: Legnano Communist Refoundation in Milan for a healthcare without profits

Health is not for sale, public health defends itself! We want a universal, free, participatory and quality public service. No profit on our skin ”, are the watchwords of the event to be held Saturday 23 October in Piazza del Duomo in Milan, from 10.30 to 13.00, promoted by the Campaign Dico 32, to which Rifondazione Comunista is a member of more than 50 social, trade union and political organizations in Lombardy.


The event will also be attended by “Communist Refoundation – Circolo di Legnano”. “The initiative – they explain – stems from a mobilization, which has been going on for months and which had an important stage in the demonstration in Piazza della Scala on 11 September last and, even earlier, in the demonstration in Piazza Duomo on 20 June 2020. over 35,000 deaths in Lombardy from Covid 19 are not attributable only to the aggressiveness of the pandemic, but also to the unpreparedness with which it was faced and to the serious and progressive dismantling of public health. Just like so many deaths and sufferings from other pathologies, the unbearable waiting list, the weakening of the prevention systems, the very serious shortage of general practitioners were preventable. From the constitutional right of all citizens, health has become a commodity for those who can buy it.
In Lombardy, the weakening of public health is the result of a precise strategic choice pursued by all the councils that have followed one another in recent decades, from Formigoni onwards, with the aim of favoring the profits of private health: today the private sector intercepts the 35% of regional funding for hospital activities and over 40% for outpatient specialists but the current council aims to eliminate all limits on public funding for private individuals ».

For this reason the Lombardy Coordination for the right to health has developed a 22-point platform to rebuild a universal public service, free, participatory and quality, with alternative proposals to what the regional council is preparing with its pseudo reform of law 23/2015, which goes in the direction of a further and pernicious privatization of the health service.

“For this reason we will be – concludes Rifondazione Comunista – Circolo di Legnano – still in the square to tell the Lombard council that it must change course, that the right of Lombard citizens can no longer be subordinated to the profit of large and small” health entrepreneurs “and that the public service must be defended and strengthened, and not dismantled, in the primary interest of workers and citizens ”.

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