NEXT WEEK extreme, Italy split between an unseasonable heat and a bad surprise. The Trend »

Weather: NEXT WEEK extreme, Italy split between an unseasonable heat and a bad surprise. The Trend

Next week, possible formation of a dangerous cycloneItaly split between unseasonal heat and a nasty surprise. This is the Announcements main that emerges from the latest updates of the our official APP in view of the next week: the risk is that aintense wave of bad weather, especially on some sectors, with high probability of storms until the end of October.

But let’s go in order to better understand theexpected evolution then tracing a trend on temperatures and precipitation.

It will open next week in the sign of instability with the possible training, already Monday 25, of a dangerous cyclone between the Sicilian and Ionian seas. This vortex, thanks to still very high temperatures of our seas and the humid currents arriving from the southern quadrants, it will be able to charge itself with energy until it even turns into a Medicane: from the fusion of English terms MEDIterranean hurriCANE , literally “hurricane of the Mediterranean” for the physical characteristics of the atmospheric structure reminiscent of the “monsters” that form on the oceans.
Eyes onfar South e, particularly, on the Calabria and on central-eastern sectors of Sicily, where we do not exclude the risk from storms e flash floods which could be caused by the persistence of precipitation.
From Tuesday 26 the cyclone will move its motor center down the Tyrrhenian Sea: bad weather could therefore also affect part of the Campania, the Basilicata and, subsequently, involve the lower Lazio andAbruzzo with heavy rain showers and intense winds along the most exposed coasts.

A completely different speech instead on the rest of Italy where, thanks to a comeback in high pressure style, we expect greater atmospheric stability with lots of sole and especially, temperatures well above average reference climatic conditions, especially in the North, with values ​​that could also reach i 20°C during the central hours of the day.
In short, by the end of October Italy will literally find itself broken in two from a meteorological point of view.

Mediterranean cyclone with severe thunderstorms in the South and Sicily. High pressure and hot elsewhere


WEEK extreme Italy split unseasonable heat bad surprise Trend ILMETEOit

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