University of Milan, the great return of foreign and out-of-office students (after the Covid escape and streaming) –

University of Milan, the great return of foreign and out-of-office students (after the Covid escape and streaming) –
University of Milan, the great return of foreign and out-of-office students (after the Covid escape and streaming) –

Sold out in the university residences, returned to a capacity of 100 percent and a practically full filling. After the two years of distance learning, with the resumption of classroom lessons, off-campus students are repopulating residences (and private apartments) in Milan. And the number of international guests in constant increase over the years, even if, according to Education at a glance, Italy does not shine by attraction: according to the latest OECD research, in fact, only 3 percent of the university population comes from abroad. The Milanese universities, on the other hand, are in contrast. But let’s see and give: at the State University out of 60,038 subscribers – around 39,000 from outside the Milan area – there are 4,647 internationals (7.7 per cent) and can count on an offer of accommodation with a thousand beds, which must be sold out on time (and this has also happened ‘year). At Bicocca, which has seen an increase of over 3,000 pupils, now there are 35,433 and 1,700 foreigners (4.7 per cent). The 675 places in the student halls are already fully occupied. Sold out too in the Cattolica residences, which welcome 650 university students. There are 30,770 registered in Milan, of which 2,066 are international (6.7 percent).

Among the public universities, the Politecnico which can boast the highest percentage of students coming from the most diverse parts of the world: they have now reached 14 percent of the total and are 6,451 out of 43,628. The university offers 1,699 seats in its residences, currently filling up to 93 percent.

On the other hand, among private universities, the highest percentages are found at Bocconi and in the two universities that offer degrees in health professions: the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and Humanitas University. Out of 14,891 students enrolled at Bocconi – and where there are over 12,000 out of office – foreigners are 20 percent. The 2,062 beds in the residences are all occupied. But the highest percentage is recorded at Humanitas University, where the students are 1,600 with 43 per cent coming from abroad and enrolled in particular in English courses of Medicine and Medtec. A situation that is reflected in the guests of the residences that boast 240 beds (already full) occupied in 41% of cases by students of international origin. Finally, 12 per cent of students come from abroad to the Vita-Salute University, which counts 4,350 students and 158 places in the lodgings linked to the university. At the moment they are not yet complete, but only because some rooms remain reserved for the management of any cases that may prove to be positive.

There is still some possibility even in the two residences of the IULM University: in a residence out of 144 seats 76 are occupied, while in the Moncucco farmhouse 50 out of 96 remain free. This is because, in recent months, the university had opened tenders only for single rooms. it is therefore likely that full coverage will be reached in the coming months. IULM members are 6,826, of which 291 are foreigners. Eleven of them live right in the residences.

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