Crisis of canteen workers due to smart working, demonstration in front of the Milan prefecture

Smart working hurts company canteens and risks making some of the operators lose their jobs: over five thousand in Milan alone would be involved in the situation according to the unions Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs who, on Wednesday morning, brought about a hundred of them in front of the prefecture of Corso Monforte.

The request is that of a decisive intervention by the government with social safety nets. “We know they are extending the covid shock absorbers, even if we are not sure. It would be good news but it is not enough because the sector is severely in crisis”, said Maurizio Bove, secretary of the Fisascat Cisl in Milan.

“Many companies have activated smart working and are discontinuing the rents of entire floors”, continued the trade unionist: “In the meantime, the number of costs and meals in the company canteens is reduced”. The Fisascat Cisl then asks for a “structural reform of the social safety nets to accompany the sector in this phase of crisis and bring it up to recovery”. A delegation from Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs was then received in the prefecture at the end of the presidium.


Crisis canteen workers due smart working demonstration front Milan prefecture

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