“More sweatshirt and the left will go haywire” – Libero Quotidiano

“More sweatshirt and the left will go haywire” – Libero Quotidiano
“More sweatshirt and the left will go haywire” – Libero Quotidiano

Giuliano Zulin

October 20, 2021

Amazing how after 30 years, many commentators and self-styled political analysts still don’t understand the League. It is believed that the Northern League is a party like any other, but it is not. Not even many new members have understood it. Being Northern League means fighting against fiscal and territorial injustices, it means fighting for the silent majority represented by employees, small entrepreneurs and pensioners, it symbolizes the defense of traditions and ways of life built over hundreds of years by people. For which Salvini cannot be asked to throw away the sweatshirts and wear only a jacket and tie. The League is genuine, pragmatic and above all de-ideologized.

It has been annoying for 30 years, precisely for this reason: it does not classify itself according to the twentieth-century categories, so loved by the progressive comrades. And then it is demonized, insulted, ridiculed to push it out of this government. Trying to rape nature, so as to make it disappear. Oh no … If Salvini complains about the land registry reform, he is treated like a fool because Draghi claims that there will be no price increases for the owners. But from 2026 probably yes. The Northern League secretary then asks for guarantees, asks to stop, because he represents those millions of ordinary people who have only one home and fear the sting. If Salvini attacks Lamorgese for how it manages public order or the landings issue, he is considered a racist, xenophobic, backward, ignorant. But even on the left they admit that the Minister of the Interior is not up to the task assigned to her.

Above all, the leader of the Northern League cannot remain silent after his party has made a flag of the fight against illegal immigrants for decades. If Salvini criticizes Europe on the harmful economic and environmental policies, on the inability to control borders, on the interference in the policies of individual states, he is portrayed as a hoax, anti-historical, unreliable. But then it is most of the European presidents who do worse, France and Germany in the first place, pursuing sovereign interests and not giving a damn about the Union. How does the Captain keep silent in the face of the derailment of a continent, which in theory would be the richest in the world? Already Bossi, in the early 2000s, defined the EU as the Soviet Union of the West …

There is talk of divisions in the Carroccio, ok, there will also be. However, on the big issues, the party is one and only one. Only on the Green Pass did the governing League appear in opposition to the League of Governors. Eventually the line of the latter soul passed. And the chorus on the left to say that Salvini is at the fruit. How not … If we really want to be honest, it is indecisionism that has not convinced. Perhaps it was the balancing act that caused Matteo’s party to lose consensus. It was that search for compromise that softened Alberto da Giussano’s sword. Instead Salvini must remain himself, fighter, trade unionist of the people who have no representation, defender of the territories that have no space in the mass media circus. And he must fight, break the boxes and raise his voice within the government. Other than going out, as so many people dream, who are unfamiliar with realities. Need a line and hold it all the way down. You can abstain in the council of ministers, you can also vote against some measures, you can break the boxes, but you must remain Lega. Or goodbye votes. The people know who defends them. So Salvini will not govern? Never say never.

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